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Gloss upon Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy works primarily with smells. Aroma means: smell. Aroma therapy is also related with phytotherapy, because essential oils, the “tools” of aroma therapy, can also be used internally or even directly on the skin, because of their medicinal ingredients. … Continue reading

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In the latest update in my post about the noise pollution, created by the E-CO hydro power station, I wrote about my health problems, that got worse and finally so bad that half of April my total body was blocked: … Continue reading

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Intuition Magic

My sister recommended it to me, and I am still very grateful for that. The book has been the beginning of a new development in my life. Several “coincidences” followed, and some years later I was on a school where … Continue reading

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Nature is filled with colours. Colours are a phenomenon of Life, Nature, All Existence. Colours can be found even in the dark parts of the seas and oceans, only possible to be seen when (artificial) light shines on fishes, chorals, … Continue reading

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Sleep, rest and relaxation

Updated: October 30, 2018   While we are sleeping the most subtle “bodies” relax too, if… the physical body is really relaxed. Otherwise it is impossible. During that relaxed sleep the subtle bodies relax too, upload, and, waking up, we … Continue reading

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