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Herbal medicine

Herbs are plants with special natural healthy substances, that differ from relaxing to stimulating, to strengthening, but always balancing. One needs to know about all these differences to be able to use it in a safe way. Herbs used in … Continue reading

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Noise Pollution and Health

Since a month I am working at a personal research concerning noise pollution in the village I live, in Norway, and I have written already one post about it on this blog. In this new post I add info that has been … Continue reading

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Nature is filled with colours. Colours are a phenomenon of Life, Nature, All Existence. Colours can be found even in the dark parts of the seas and oceans, only possible to be seen when (artificial) light shines on fishes, chorals, … Continue reading

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Sleep, rest and relaxation

Updated: October 30, 2018   While we are sleeping the most subtle “bodies” relax too, if… the physical body is really relaxed. Otherwise it is impossible. During that relaxed sleep the subtle bodies relax too, upload, and, waking up, we … Continue reading

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All in nature has its rhythm. Rhythm is connected with time, you can walk faster or slower for instance. The more we live in our own natural rhythm the happier we feel, the healthier we are. Our heart has a … Continue reading

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