Suicide prevention

It happens too much. Many kill themselves, think they kill themselves, but they don’t know obviously that life is eternal, and cannot be stopped.
The soul goes on. Not liberated from that where the one who chose to end earthly life for, earlier than it was meant to be by Nature. Every detail will be taken with you, each pain, nothing will be gone, on the contrary: you will experience pain more than ever before.
Not any protection will be there.
You cannot run away for that where you got life for, for the laws of attraction and the laws of karma. You create a bad karma by running away for that what you created yourself, or others, but nothing is too bad to survive or to change. If you cannot find a way out: contact a therapist. Nobody, not any situation can be blamed than you, finally, for the decision you make, you have your own responsibility, and nobody can take over your own responsibility. Never. Nothing is so bad as suicide itself. So: don’t do it!!

You have a free will to make choices. If the choice is to destroy your body so much that it is impossible anymore to live in it as a soul, you have the complete responsibility for the consequences, also for encouraging others with this act, as if you are brave: you are NOT, and a kind of a martyr: you are NOT, also for the deep grief your act will cause in the soul of others. Also your own soul.
Too many people do not acknowledge life after death. Every human being will find out once that there is a life beyond death, and that the heaven which has been promised by their religion is not there, not if they kill themselves, if they commit suicide. Not any God or Allah will “reward” this cowardice act with heaven. Life is God, is Allah, or what kind of a name you will give to “that” what is too huge to have a name or to be a word. God or Allah is Life, Nature, the Super Natural, Cosmos, All There Is. If you try to stop life in you, you try to stop God or Allah to work in you. That CANNOT be rewarded. Impossible.




Heaven, as it is really, is Light. There are seven Spheres of Light.
When you awaken, as a human being, you will not be at once in the Lightest heaven: the Seventh Sphere.
You could not bear the Light.
You would be where the first Spiritual Rays of Light create a kind of a dark grey.

The Hereafter has also Spheres of Darkness.
The deepest darkness is completely without any Light.
There are human beings who have such a lack of awareness, so much the being as a beast, worse than the worst animal, that they would experience the Spheres of Light as a hell.
Where Light shines on that what is truth there will be an awareness of who they really are, they will see their soul as a monster.
That is for those who look like human beings but act as beasts unbearable, they would not believe their eyes.
They need many many millions of earthly years before their eyes will be openened and in that period of time they will evolve also. Also for them there will be Heaven.
The real one.

Suicide throws you into the Spheres of Darkness.
More about suicide can be read in”
The cycle of the soul“, written by Joseph Rulof.
The movie “
What dreams may come“, is also about committing suicide. An excellent, very interesting and explainable film, with Robin Williams.
If you have plans to commit suicide: contact your doctor, or a therapist in alternative medicine. The Bach
Rescue Remedy can help as a first aid.
There is always a door.
Take the door.
To live life.