15. Politics and Law

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
Collection of articles:

2. EU – European Union
5G * EU-guidelines are fraudulent (1) – 2019
5G * EU-guidelines are fraudulent (2) – 2019
5G * EU-guidelines are fraudulent (3) – 2019

3. European Parliament
Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health
PDF: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/etudes/BRIE/2020/646172/EPRS_BRI(2020)646172_EN.pdf
Published: 11 February 2020

4. WHO
WHO is a branch of United Nations
United Nations is a trade organization
ICNIRP is the safety standard guidelines decision maker for WHO
WHO is directing the laboratory named Earth?

5. FCC
Telecommunications Act of 1996

[See also: 14. Detail from the interview “The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation” (Scroll down)]

Video: President Clinton Signing Telecommunications Act

6. Senate Commerce Hearing, February 7, 2019: Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology’s Potential Health Risks




1. Germany: 2010 – Barrie Trower / The Danger of Microwave Technology
By: Dr. Zac Cox
Date: November 13, 2010
YouTube_logo_(2013-2015)  Interview in 21 parts, with transcripts
01. Microwave expert Barrie Trower
02. A cause of cancer
03. ADHD and Ritalin – industry knows danger
04. It’s big business!
05. Eavesdropping
06. Microwave Warfare
07. Proof of Danger
08. Children are at risk
09. Government Ignorance
10. Statistical Anomalies
11. Effects on Embryo Development
12. Law & Guidelines
13. Nuremberg treaty
14. The Bee Colony Collapse
15. A business analogy
16. Carbon Footprint
17. Breast Cancer
18. An epidemiological study
19. Passive Irradiation
20. TETRA Airwave System / Tetra Radio
21. Biggest threat on planet Earth

2. Netherlands:  2014 – Government policy based on denial of health damage by EMF
Overheidsbeleid gebaseerd op ontkenningvan gezondheidsschade door EMV
Authors: Leendert Vriens, Jan van Gils en Michiel Haas
Published: 29 July 2014

3. Smart cities mission risks ushering in Orwellian future
By: Rachika A Sahay and Aakash Sharma, HSA Advocates
Published: 14 June 2019

4. Netherlands: 2020Debate in the Dutch Lower House about possible espionage by Huawei in the Netherlands and the auction of 5G frequencies
Published: 6 February 2020

5. Netherlands:  2014 – Government policy based on denial of health damage by EMF
Overheidsbeleid gebaseerd op ontkenningvan gezondheidsschade door EMV
Authors: Leendert Vriens, Jan van Gils en Michiel Haas
Published: 29 July 2014

6. Italy: 2020 – The Court of Appeal of Turin Confirms the Link Between a Head Tumour and Mobile Phone Use
Published: January 15, 2020

7. YouTube_logo_(2013-2015)   Netherlands: 2020Discussion in Dutch, in the Dutch House of Representatives about 5G. Thierry Baudet -FvD- mentions the 5G health hazards, and several other related 5G issues.
Thierry Baudet’s bezwaren tegen 5G: Gezondheidrisico en veiligheidrisico’s met Huawei
Published: February 6, 2020

8. Belgium: 2020Health workers call for caution over 5G roll-out
Some 400 doctors and 900 health care workers have signed an open letter to the government, urging them to exercise caution regarding the roll-out by Proximus of a forerunner of the next generation of mobile data, known as 5G.
By: Alan Hope, in: The Brussels Times
Published: May 2, 2020

9. EU-Intimidatie van mensen met vragen over de veiligheid van 5G netwerken
EU harassment of people with questions about the security of 5G networks

Published: June 18, 2020
By: Dr. Hugo Schooneveld, Netherlands


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1. Last Tree Laws
For environmental & social justice

2. We Are the Solution
Practical guide on how to engage your community, city council, medical doctors, and Telcos



00. Detail from the interview “The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation”
Start: 10:11 in part 2/4. Subjects: Telecommunications Act 1996, FCC, Impact of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 / Total interview: here

Interviewer: Well, and you wrote that Congress passed a law in 1996 that made it illegal to regulate wireless technology on the basis of health.

Arthur: That is amazing and that is correct. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 actually says that states and cities may not regulate wireless technology on the basis of health. That this is completely up to the FCC and if the FCC permits it, it has to be permitted by your city and your state.

Interviewer: So, why would Congress do that? Why would politicians get on board with such a ludicrous notion?

Arthur: Well, actually, it almost wasn’t that way. This was due to the machinations [plotting] of the telecommunications industry. In 1995, the Environmental Protection Agency drafted its own regulations, which would have been mandatory throughout the United States and would not have pre-empted anybody from regulating this. And they were set to release them. The telecommunications industry’s association – I think it was actually the PCIA – the Personal Telecommunications Industry Association [now the Wireless Infrastructure Association], lobbied Congress to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating wireless technology, took away all of their funding for their regulatory activity, and awarded exclusive authority over health to the Federal Communications Commission [FCC], which has no expertise whatsoever in health and safety. And the Telecommunications Act of 1996 originally did not have that provision in it, but it went into committee, I think it was the House Commerce Committee, back in June or July of 1995, and when it came out of committee, it had this little sentence in there:

“No state or local government, or instrumentality thereof, may regulate the environmental effects of radio frequency radiation to the effect that it complies with the Federal Communications Commission’s regulation.”

And it does not even say health, it says: “environmental effects”, so I seriously doubt, that any of the Congressmen who voted on this bill, knew that they were prohibiting states and cities from protecting the health of their citizens But it passed, and President Clinton signed it, and this has been a stumbling block for people all over the country, since 1996. Not only from stopping cell towers from appearing everywhere, but even from going to their city councils and talking about health, because if you talk about health, the next sentence of the Telecommunications Act says, that the telecommunications company can sue the city. So everybody has been silenced. Scientists have been silenced, there’ve been thousands of studies saying this stuff is harmful, but even if you’re a scientist, you can’t go to your city council and say, “Hey, this is harmful don’t put it up.” You can’t even talk about it.

Interviewer: So, is there much hope for changing that legislation?

Arthur: Well, I think not until the public is educated. I think judges will not stick their necks out at this point. Everybody is on their cell phone. Everybody is addicted to the technology. This is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. It’s probably the wealthiest industry in the world. No judge is going to stand up against this industry until the public is on their side. No legislator is going to stand up to the industry until the public is on their side. It all has to happen together.

Interviewer: So the public has to demand it.

Arthur: Correct. The public not only has to demand it, but the public has to realize what they’re doing to themselves. The public has to realize – and I have a chapter on cancer, I have a chapter on diabetes, I have a chapter on heart disease. The public has to wake up to the fact that most of the cancer, diabetes and heart disease that we have in our world is being caused by wireless technology, and specifically by your cell phone. Source


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