Attention: YouTube channel Clairity is not a by the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space (Arthur Firstenberg) verified channel, neither been approved as official International Appeal channel. It is the personal YouTube channel of Claire Edwards, former UN staff-member. The info on the channel in “about” creates the impression that “Clairity” is the International Appeal’s channel. This also includes the fact that, since the Appeal has not checked, neither approved, the content of the uploads, these have to be categorized therefore as belonging to her own full responsibility concerning the possible scientific falsehoods, or eventually contradicting the researches of Arthur Firstenberg. There is one video though with an interview with Arthur Firstenberg, president of the Cellular Phone Task Force and the International Appeal, that can be considered therefore as reliable. This interview is also available however in Multerland, in a serial of four, and contains video clips, photos and subtitles. See post: Arthur Firstenberg ~ The Hidden Dangers Of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation  – Attention: also Claire Edwards’s choices of being present in meetings, symposiums, or other events, in the name of the Appeal, plus the content of the lectures, speeches, comments, performed by her in the name of the Appeal, must be considered as a violation of the integrity of the Appeal, undermining the Appeal, because the science published in the International Appeal, via the text and the sources, is not Claire Edwards’s scientific text, or knowledge, or research, but the research and science of Arthur Firstenberg. She does not own it. It is not her possession. Claire Edwards is not a scientist, but a secretary, has not made any scientific research on the 4G and 5G items and does not own a website, on which her own C.V. and ideas, views, knowledge, philosophies are published. Nobody can check her education, her study direction, her biography, her knowledge and where this knowledge is based on.

For a while Claire Edwards has been cooperating with Arthur Firstenberg for the International Appeal as a secretary who answered emails, has created some newsletters for the International Appeal, but also in these newsletters were links to articles or videos that are not automatically matching with the views of Arthur Firstenberg.

Claire Edwards has created a personal email list out of the International Appeal’s email address, of which she has removed the addresses of those who had questions, views or requests which she did not like, including my address. She even warned me that if I was not willing to follow up her -utterly personal and on vague spirituality based- rules in communicating, she would stop the contact. I have all emails with and about her in a map, to be able to verify what I am writing.

Arthur Firstenberg has started to create an official International Appeal newsletter since that time.

  1. Newsletter June 2019
  2. Newsletter August 2019
  3. Newsletter September 2019

[Signed: Multerland]  Read also the article: Conspiracy Theories and Superstition spread by some Stop5G-ACTIVISTS undermine the scientific researches of Stop5G-SCIENTISTS