“Meditation” is a word connected with a peaceful state of mind, or that what creates a peaceful state of mind, harmony. Silence.

“Meditation” is also a peaceful thinking about that what creates insight, awareness, as a part of the mental and spiritual body, as a reality of the wholeness we are. To become more whole than before.

To meditate you don’t need to go into a (difficult) yoga position. For people grown up in a western way of living it is much better just to lay down, after closing every possibility to be connected with the world outside your self or your room: so close the tv, close the radio, the computer, the telephone, the door, the doorbell. You will be able to be able to get into a deeper relaxation and a deeper meditation if you are able to listen to relaxing music, new age music, or ambient music. 

Yes, when you learn yoga, you will be able to relax more and more, deeper and deeper.

Meditation can take place at home, while alone, but also under the guidance of a therapist, or a psychologist. Meditation can also possible while listening a video and following up the words of the therapist in the video. Meditation is also possible while being in nature. Meditation is possible everywhere, in fact, even in a train, or while waiting for a train, bus or air plane. Hiking can be meditative, washing dishes can be meditative. It is being centred, and in a deep silence. It is possible to disconnect from the physical world, with closed eyes, resting, it is also possible to meditate with opened eyes, walking or sitting relaxed in the physical world, being there, centred in the self, and radiating silence and peace to the outside world.


Guided meditations

The Mindful Movement offers all kinds of excellent guided meditations via their YouTube channel. I recommend these meditations. One of these: