Wholistic Expression

All Art is expression. Not all Art is liked by all. For me Vincent van Gogh is an absolute Master, painting more than the physical eyes can see. Rembrandt makes us aware of light, emotions, feelings, subtle. Also Vermeer painted light, but Rembrandt was more a religious painter. Paintings create Sphere. Atmosphere.

The Russian landscape painters created Art on several square meters, filling the high walls of the Groningen museum from the floor to the ceiling, when there was an exposition. Huge. As if one was really in nature, so realistic. So much filled with the essence of nature, that the eyes of all widened, because of surprise, majesty, awakening a memory of nature, once, maybe in an earlier life, creating nostalgia, longing to be there. With Mother Nature.


What is Art and what is Wholistic Art, or is Art wholistic anyway?