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In the latest update in my post about the noise pollution, created by the E-CO hydro power station, I wrote about my health problems, that got worse and finally so bad that half of April my total body was blocked: … Continue reading

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Sinusitis, pharyngitis, cold, flu

Prevention is better than cure – The best is to avoid these, by keeping the natural resistance in a good condition, because it is this wonderful army of natural “soldiers” named immune system, that battles all diseases. These soldiers lose power … Continue reading

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The first time I was lectured in “Ayurveda” was about twenty years ago. I was very impressed by all what was explained, but most of all by what was told about Ayurveda doctors, who are able to make a diagnose … Continue reading

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Concentration problems

Concentration needs energy. Energy sources can be empty and need to be refilled by taking a break in time, by keeping the balance between being active and passive, by going to bed in time, sleep deep and long enough to wake up fresh, by … Continue reading

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  Being already a long time extremely tired, being overtired, makes it hardly possible to fall asleep, finally. When you have been able to disappear in a sleep it is not possible to get into the deeper layers of the sleep, … Continue reading

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Natural remedies to avoid depressions

. Depressions, what are depressions? When is natural sadness, or need for attention, need to speak, so blocked, that it is growing into a psychological prison, a reall illness, a depression? Is a depression something so bad that there are so … Continue reading

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Wholistic Massage

  Holistic, wholistic, massage is a therapy, which is bringing balance not just for the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual body, to make the Self whole again, to bring wholeness, and therefore we name it “wholistic” massage. The … Continue reading

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