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Magnesium deficiency

Minerals are in general a forgotten group of food substances while minerals are as essential as the well known vitamins. It is poignant that doctors know about vitamins, but never talk about minerals. Doctors make blood tests to find disorders … Continue reading

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“Red Crow” speaks….

Introduction to my video creation “Red Crow speaks” Living in Norway, in the richness of nature, with unpolluted waters like mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers, forests with an abundance of pine trees, wild flowers and plants, mosses, ferns, rocks, healthy … Continue reading

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Vote for the wolf

WWF-Norway – has created a campaign in which also you can take part. Goal is to make the Norwegian Government aware of the wish of environmentalists, ecologists, biologists, all who love nature and wilderness and aware of the necessity of biodiversity, to … Continue reading

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Norway and its shameless hunt for energy

We all love nature. We all love Norway: I assume at least the photos of it. We all know that Norway is one of the last places on earth with real wilderness. We all know, but not the Norwegians. They … Continue reading

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Herbal medicine

Herbs are plants with special natural healthy substances, that differ from relaxing to stimulating, to strengthening, but always balancing. One needs to know about all these differences to be able to use it in a safe way. Herbs used in … Continue reading

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Where I live in Norway, and in Norway in general, the Pinus Sylvestris, Scots Pine, Pine, or in Norwegian «Furu», in Dutch: Grove Den, this tree is covering the landscapes, the mountains, and the valleys with its wonderful energizing green … Continue reading

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This is part 9 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it. Noise Music and sound Immunity Taboos  Ethics  Fear Bach flower remedies Walnut Self-tuition   Introduction                           … Continue reading

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