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“Red Crow” speaks….

Introduction to my video creation “Red Crow speaks” Living in Norway, in the richness of nature, with unpolluted waters like mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers, forests with an abundance of pine trees, wild flowers and plants, mosses, ferns, rocks, healthy … Continue reading

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Hygiene is health. This post is about physical health and care for that. In another post I will go into the depths of mental hygiene. In Germany one uses the term “Psychohygiene” which means: Mental Health. Hygiene is a health-discipline all … Continue reading

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A positive message

A letter has been delivered via the Norwegian “Posten”. It was sent by the local medical officer, Dr. Geir Strømmen, and is in fact a report of the results of the meeting that took place at E-CO power station in Hovet, on April 18, … Continue reading

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Norway’s last wild rivers are in danger

NRK published an article in August 2015 about an alarming development in Norway’s politics: the Progress Party (FrP) wants to battle the protection of Norway’s last wild rivers, to exploit them for hydro power. This idea grows out of the … Continue reading

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Foot care

Though they are far away from our head, where we all live in the most of our time because we are thinkers, our feet need our full attention, daily, to keep our head in balance with our own self, with earth. … Continue reading

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This is part 1 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it. Noise Music and sound Immunity Taboos  Ethics  Fear Bach flower remedies Walnut Self-tuition   The effects of sound and noise Music is related with oscillation, vibrations, harmonious … Continue reading

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Concentration problems

Concentration needs energy. Energy sources can be empty and need to be refilled by taking a break in time, by keeping the balance between being active and passive, by going to bed in time, sleep deep and long enough to wake up fresh, by … Continue reading

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