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“Red Crow” speaks….

Introduction to my video creation “Red Crow speaks” Living in Norway, in the richness of nature, with unpolluted waters like mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers, forests with an abundance of pine trees, wild flowers and plants, mosses, ferns, rocks, healthy … Continue reading

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Success is a myth

This article was originally posted in my LinkedIn account, to react on what LinkedIn considers as successful, and what I should need to be successful as well…. . LinkedIn is doing business with the magic word “success”, making even visible, … Continue reading

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This is part 6ย of a serial about negativity and how to transformย it. Noise Music and sound Immunity Taboosย  Ethicsย  Fear Bach flower remedies Walnut Self-tuition The influence of religions, churches, sects and societies, worldwide, their indoctrinations, dogmas and their contribution … Continue reading

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