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In the latest update in my post about the noise pollution, created by the E-CO hydro power station, I wrote about my health problems, that got worse and finally so bad that half of April my total body was blocked: … Continue reading

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The benefits of wool

In this post I try to make clear that there is something basically wrong with the way humans use energy, and with energy itself, even renewable energy. Too many people believe that renewable energy is clean, is green, environmentally okay, … Continue reading

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Sinusitis, pharyngitis, cold, flu

Prevention is better than cure – The best is to avoid these, by keeping the natural resistance in a good condition, because it is this wonderful army of natural “soldiers” named immune system, that battles all diseases. These soldiers lose power … Continue reading

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Bach flower remedies

This is part 7 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it. Noise Music and sound Immunity Taboos  Ethics  Fear Bach flower remedies Walnut Self-tuition   Bach ~ flower remedies To get a complete view on the Bach flower remedies … Continue reading

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The first time I was lectured in “Ayurveda” was about twenty years ago. I was very impressed by all what was explained, but most of all by what was told about Ayurveda doctors, who are able to make a diagnose … Continue reading

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Self-healing energy

      Self-healing energy as a facet of the life-energy potential source of Nature Why does the one recover sooner from a disease than the other? Why do some people consider the problems in their life as a challenge? … Continue reading

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