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👉 International Appeal: Stop 5G

Newsletters International Appeal: Newsletter June 2019 Newsletter August 2019 Newsletter September 2019 Newsletter October 2019 Newsletter November 2019 Newsletter December 2019   In PDF Arthur Firstenberg: 5G SpaceAppeal, Newsletter, June 6, 2019: PDF – Arthur Firstenberg: 5G Space Appeal, … Continue reading

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Hair Loss

Updated: January 2, 2019 Having been blessed my entire life with a healthy head of hair, curled, much, overloads of hair, easy to handle, last year I suddenly was confronted with hair loss, not just a little bit. So much … Continue reading

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In the latest update in my post about the noise pollution, created by the E-CO hydro power station, I wrote about my health problems, that got worse and finally so bad that half of April my total body was blocked: … Continue reading

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A positive message

A letter has been delivered via the Norwegian “Posten”. It was sent by the local medical officer, Dr. Geir Strømmen, and is in fact a report of the results of the meeting that took place at E-CO power station in Hovet, on April 18, … Continue reading

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Electromagnetic field pollution

Some days ago I published a post about the noise pollution the hydro-power-plant in the village where I live, is creating. The power plant belongs to “E-CO energi” (photo: on the right side, under, yellow), and its headquarters are in Oslo. Hydro … Continue reading

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The world is changing

Since 13 November 2015, the world is changing in a dramatically high speed. Too many human dramas, terrifying threats, caused by politics and the reality of the climate change. Tension between states is growing, fear for a new world-war is growing, … Continue reading

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Success is a myth

This article was originally posted in my LinkedIn account, to react on what LinkedIn considers as successful, and what I should need to be successful as well…. . LinkedIn is doing business with the magic word “success”, making even visible, … Continue reading

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