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Noise pollution

One of my earlier posts is about the effects of sound and noise. Good to start with, maybe. Sound belongs to our natural environment, as long it is natural sound. Human beings are natural beings, with a natural physical body, … Continue reading

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The world is changing

Since 13 November 2015, the world is changing in a dramatically high speed. Too many human dramas, terrifying threats, caused by politics and the reality of the climate change. Tension between states is growing, fear for a new world-war is growing, … Continue reading

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Music and sound

  This is part 2 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it. Noise Music and sound Immunity Taboos  Ethics  Fear Bach flower remedies Walnut Self-tuition   The healing effects of music and sound What we know and experience as … Continue reading

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Breakfast or slow

Time For a good start of the day it is important to wake up in time. Time to get intot the reality of the new day, the date, the day, what has to be done, or what you might like … Continue reading

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. The name “Lavender” is originally from the Latin word “lavara” (washing) and that is from the Italian word “lavendola”. Lavender was added to the bathing water. “Lavendula Officinalis” is the official Latin name now. The native range extends across … Continue reading

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Valeriana Officinalis

. . Valeriana Officinalis is a medicinal herb, and used in the so called phytotherapy. Phyto is related to: phyto- or phyt- That leads to: phytogenesis. Which is New Latin, and it is from Greek: phuto-, from phuton, which means: … Continue reading

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