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Herbal medicine

Herbs are plants with special natural healthy substances, that differ from relaxing to stimulating, to strengthening, but always balancing. One needs to know about all these differences to be able to use it in a safe way. Herbs used in … Continue reading

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This is part 6 of a serial about negativity and how to transform it. Noise Music and sound Immunity Taboos  Ethics  Fear Bach flower remedies Walnut Self-tuition The influence of religions, churches, sects and societies, worldwide, their indoctrinations, dogmas and their contribution … Continue reading

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Intuition Magic

My sister recommended it to me, and I am still very grateful for that. The book has been the beginning of a new development in my life. Several “coincidences” followed, and some years later I was on a school where … Continue reading

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. Imagining “things”, something, that what we wish coming true, wishful thinking, …. using our human ability to imagine, visualize, to transform negativity into positivity inside our self and/or around us, is an utterly powerful tool. It is hard working … Continue reading

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