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Hair Loss

Updated: January 2, 2019 Having been blessed my entire life with a healthy head of hair, curled, much, overloads of hair, easy to handle, last year I suddenly was confronted with hair loss, not just a little bit. So much … Continue reading

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Gloss upon Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy works primarily with smells. Aroma means: smell. Aroma therapy is also related with phytotherapy, because essential oils, the “tools” of aroma therapy, can also be used internally or even directly on the skin, because of their medicinal ingredients. … Continue reading

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Foot care

Though they are far away from our head, where we all live in the most of our time because we are thinkers, our feet need our full attention, daily, to keep our head in balance with our own self, with earth. … Continue reading

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Sinusitis, pharyngitis, cold, flu

Prevention is better than cure – The best is to avoid these, by keeping the natural resistance in a good condition, because it is this wonderful army of natural “soldiers” named immune system, that battles all diseases. These soldiers lose power … Continue reading

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Where I live in Norway, and in Norway in general, the Pinus Sylvestris, Scots Pine, Pine, or in Norwegian «Furu», in Dutch: Grove Den, this tree is covering the landscapes, the mountains, and the valleys with its wonderful energizing green … Continue reading

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. The name “Lavender” is originally from the Latin word “lavara” (washing) and that is from the Italian word “lavendola”. Lavender was added to the bathing water. “Lavendula Officinalis” is the official Latin name now. The native range extends across … Continue reading

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Words are tools to communicate, to express our feelings. Words are vibrations, and can be coloured by our moods. These moods can be happiness, joy, so: positive moods, but also anger, threat, hatred, negative moods. The dynamics as the source … Continue reading

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