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👉 Newsletter International Appeal – September

. September 21, 2019 . . LIFESTYLE VERSUS PLANET EARTH . My call for people to deliver the 5G Space Appeal to the world’s governments has so far elicited 85 volunteers from 25 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, … Continue reading

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👨‍🎓 The Copenhagen Resolution on 5G

An into English translated Norwegian article published originally in the blog of Einar Flydal with the title Københavner-resolusjonen om 5G oversendt Folketinget On  May 25, 2019, an official declaration from the hearing on 5G and its impact on people, animals … Continue reading

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Being offline as luxury

This blog is in English, but I make an exception for a documentary that has been broadcast in Netherlands by VPRO. A lot is in English, a lot in Dutch. Maybe one day there will be an English version, completely, … Continue reading

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A positive message

A letter has been delivered via the Norwegian “Posten”. It was sent by the local medical officer, Dr. Geir Strømmen, and is in fact a report of the results of the meeting that took place at E-CO power station in Hovet, on April 18, … Continue reading

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Vote for the wolf

WWF-Norway – has created a campaign in which also you can take part. Goal is to make the Norwegian Government aware of the wish of environmentalists, ecologists, biologists, all who love nature and wilderness and aware of the necessity of biodiversity, to … Continue reading

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Norway’s last wild rivers are in danger

NRK published an article in August 2015 about an alarming development in Norway’s politics: the Progress Party (FrP) wants to battle the protection of Norway’s last wild rivers, to exploit them for hydro power. This idea grows out of the … Continue reading

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Norway and its shameless hunt for energy

We all love nature. We all love Norway: I assume at least the photos of it. We all know that Norway is one of the last places on earth with real wilderness. We all know, but not the Norwegians. They … Continue reading

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