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Multerland is the well thought out name of the Multerland blog, the related YouTube channel, and Twitter account, explained on the home page of the blog. Owner is Antoinette Janssen, who collects and creates educational information via blog posts, links, articles, books, films, photos, videos. She publishes articles about care for nature, natural health, holistic medicine, holistic therapies, deep ecology, biodynamic farming, sustainability, climate change, life processes, spirituality, awareness, mindfulness, and, recently, also articles and videos about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation.

Book: Cellphone and Health – Yuri B. Zubarev

  Reason for publishing this article is the urgent need to open the still present iron curtain between the western nations and Russia, not concerning Russian politics, but concerning Russian science. The west seems to consider all what is behind … Continue reading

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