My knowledge and expertise is built up by a mix of studies (Education, Naturopathy), private studies like Jung’s psychology, Steiner’s anthroposophy, ecology, deep ecology, esoteric eastern philosophy, the spiritual writings of Etty Hillesum, inquiry-based learning via experiences in various jobs, tasks, hobbies and life itself. Between 2000 and 2010 I was a NØAG registered natural health practitioner in the Netherlands.

I was born there in 1948 and moved to Norway in 2011.
Multerland Norway is my educational not for profit project about care for nature, natural health, deep ecology, and wholism.

The name Multerland is derived from the word Multer. Multer are the Norwegian Cloudberries. They grow high in the mountains, also close to the village where I live, on small plants with beautiful leafs, special white flowers, and very healthy yellow-orange-red berries. There to nourish humans and animals and able to survive the very severe winters high up in the mountains, to survive in difficult circumstances during the seasons. Multer are for me a symbol of (inner) strength and health .

Living here, in the almighty kingdom of Norway’s nature, I become more and more aware of my worries about the vulnerable ecological reality of the Norwegian wilderness and natural landscapes around me, of what is the area of Multerland, and Norway in its total. I notice ignorance in Norwegians, to take care for their natural kingdom, as if it is eternally there, always, without their care, without their efforts.