Part 1. Portrait of a Conspiracy: Prof. Alexander Lerchl


January 28, 2021: Professor Alexander Lerchl, who is leading a study examining the effects of 5G on human cells (funded by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, BfS), has been found guilty by the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Bremen of disseminating false allegations about the results of the 2004 REFLEX EMF study. Professor Lerchl has to bear the costs of the legal proceedings

5G Scientist Prof. Alexander Lerchl Guilty of False EMF Study Allegations
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Das Hanseatische Oberlandesgericht Bremen verurteilt Professor Alexander Lerchl zur Rücknahme seiner Fälschungsbehauptung gegenüber der REFLEX-Studie
Published: January 28, 2021
By: Diagnose-Funk

In 2007 Prof. Franz Adlkofer reports on the results of the REFLEX study at the Open Academy in Gelsenkirchen. From left to right: Prof. Franz Adlkofer, Prof. Josef Lutz (TU Chemnitz), Prof. em. Rainer Frentzel-Beyme (University of Bremen). Photo: diagnose: funk



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Background to this story:

01. EU Reflex study shows DNA damage caused by radiation from wireless devices and mobile phones – JRS Eco Wireless –


03. Alexander Lerchl: Microwave News Article Archive –

Update January 30, 2021: Professor Alexander Lerchl holds office at BfS, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. BfS,(through parent BMU, Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und nukleare Sicherheit), has provided 70-80% of ICNIRP’s operating budget. Source: Dr. Louis Slesin, Microwave News

04. Pandora – Foundation for independent research 2011: How the Medical University of Vienna dealt with important results from mobile communication radiation research – Part I & II – – Published: 2011 By: Franz Adlkofer and Karl Richter

05. An Area for the EHS–Forest Saoû France 17 09 2011 – Radiation protection in conflict with science – Pr. Franz Adlkofer – Pandora-Foundation for Independent Research, Berlin

06. Vortrag am Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics der Harvard Law School / 2012
Lecture at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard Law School
By: Franz Adlkofer

The limit values for protecting the population from high-frequency radiation are the result of institutional corruption

07. Lerchl is member of BfS, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. Inge Paulini is chair of the group. She emphasizes ICNIRP:  Info about ICNIRP:





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