Climate Changes and Satellites’ Constellations

Astronomers' Appeal

Why are climate changes and “Global Warming” so important for our Environment and Biosphere? Do Satellites’ Constellations represent a threat to our Environment?

Simple because it represents an physical effect that is called positive feedback, that is, a chain reaction that once triggered feeds itself and necessarily leads to the breaking of some sort of natural balance. Our “biological” balance comes from an almost stable temperature in our ecosystem / biosphere. If the global average temperature moves abruptly, the biosphere suffers and there is necessarily an extinction (e.g. mass-extinction), caused by the loss of habitats and ecological niches occupied by some species.

Let us understand this step better.

There are countless climatology studies that identify the presence of a varied biodiversity as a factor in mitigating the differences (gradients) of temperatures (obviously, if you have a tree-lined avenue in hot summers you are better off than in a desert…

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