2. Stop 5G Activism

Part 1: Pseudoscience?
Part 2: Stop5G Activism

A series about Dariusz Leszczynski’s Vocabulary.

Leszczynski: “The problem is that activists following Pall’s #pseudo-science behave like a religious #sect. Any criticism of Pall’s outlandish claims is considered pro-industry shill. Pall talks rubbish, incites fear to sell stuff. #CoI. Wake up time for activists. #5G” Source

Activists – The word activism should have been explained in the first place, because the term “activists” has been used in the first sentence. I finished part 1 with the message that I was going to use the space of a complete new blog post for it. So: “Stop 5G Activism” is what you are reading now.


Activism – Activism is a noble act against injustice. The activism to Stop 5G is a noble act, a human right to resist against the total absence of transparency by governments and industry. The 5G propaganda is a blinding veil to cover all what can be expected, out of observations, technical facts about EMF, the knowledge about 5G radiation and the impact of the 5G satellites. Nobody mentions the satellites, except Arthur Firstenberg. Leszczynski categorizes Stop 5G activists as scaremongering idiots, in other tweets. In his tweet above, Leszczynsky accuses Pall for inciting fear. This is a false, and dangerous accusation, because Leszczynski creates a “let go your fear for 5G”, while 5G IS a real threat and has to be stopped. I suspect Leszczynski of being paid by the industry, the 5G industry. See: article

Vandalism – Burning down cell towers is not Stop 5G Activism, but Vandalism, which burns down also the hard work of the Stop 5G Activism. I even suspect the industry itself from it, because nobody can find the vandals. The fires put a bad light on the Stop 5G Activism, and that is a so welcome result for the telecom industry. So: why should Stop 5G activists do such stupid things?

Facts – Newspapers say, Stop 5G activists believe that the Cvirus is caused by 5G. That are not Stop 5G activists, but people who parrot wrongly understood articles from Stop 5G activists about the Cvirus and 5G. This is the correct version, and read more here.

Science is about putting all puzzle pieces together. Leaving one puzzle piece out, because one is biased, one believes that something cannot be part of the studied issue by assumption, not by proof, cannot be categorized as a scientific research, but as a self-fulfilling prophecy, a belief, or a wishful thinking, and not science. Of course the industry wishes that 5G is NOT in the puzzle Covid-19! 5G is economic security, capital. Since the total picture does not exist, for as long the puzzle is not ready, and as long the picture even when complete, but in fact just obviously complete, as long it is not explaining all the puzzle parts into the smallest details, the puzzle is not ready. When the puzzle is indeed in all its facets ready, and the 5G puzzle parts are indeed out, because they do not fit after all, only then 5G is proved not to be related with Covid-19. Science is not so far yet.

All facts about 5G in a list, till so far: Ten reasons to be concerned about 5G – leaving its role in the pandemic out as long it’s not certain what exactly the link is between 5G and the pandemic
Published: June 29, 2020
By: Dr. Leendert Vriens

My activism – My activism against the high levels of radiation, created by smart meters, 4G-LTE cell towers and 3G cell towers, wireless radiation, started in 2017. You can read about it here.

Dr. Martin L. Pall was one of the first names I found when starting to search for information about EMF. I asked him to react on a statement on the EU website about EMF. All is collected in a series of three articles, here. I asked also Arthur Firstenberg to react, after I had found the interview of April 2018: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation. He appeared to be an expert, and I was then totally ignorant about the subject. I needed quick responses, time was running out because of the threat of 5G, the high speed it was developing and rolling out, and also because inside me something was powerfully willing to resist against what I experienced as lies, written on a website that belongs to a political group that I assumed they are reliable. My own little investigation proved very quickly that I was believing in illusions. It was absolutely shocking: EU was and is lying. After a correspondence with EU, Wojziech Kalamarz, it was finally there: their admittance that ICNIRP is EU’s guidelines decision maker, and not SCHEER, as they wrote in that time on their website. In the meantime we know that Germany funds ICNIRP for 60-80% while ICNIRP pretends to be totally independent. It is funded by the German government. Note: Germany plays the principle role in EU, together with France. But Germany is EU’s emperor.

Activism and Justice – My sense for justice is deep, and exists in me already my entire life. Already as a child, born in 1948, I was always on the side of those who were offended, bullied, humiliated. It was mostly considered as negative, to become upset when violations of justice happen. I was shocked that nobody understood the injustice of the creation of the state of Israel, on the land that belongs to Palestinians. I discussed this with “friends” in the seventies of the former century. That is about fifty years ago. There was much more going on, and I did not get any real understanding for my deep worries.

Mikis Theodorakis (*Greece, Chios, 1925) – Till I heard about Mikis Theodorakis. Till I heard and saw him singing, in videos. Songs of resistance. Against the dictatorship of the military junta, which terrorized Greece between 1967-1974. I found his music not earlier than in 2008, when Greece came in my life via YouTube. I saw a man with much wild curled long hair singing, he was utterly powerful, expressive, and often…. angry. Showing his fair, justified anger without any shame. It was medicine for me. Finally a soulmate. The subjects of resistance were different, but the longing for justice was and is the same. The 5G industry and pro 5G politics are factually based on the essence of dictatorship and therefore for me the reason to become active against it. Note: No, I am politically not interested in left or right wing, only about what is right or wrong. Mikis Theodorakis was a communist. The Greek Griogoris Lambrakis[1][2] is also a shining light in the history of the darkness of the junta time. He was a friend of Mikis Theodorakis. The Greek-French film director Costa-Gavras (Κώστας Γαβράς) made the film Z, based on the assassination of Lambrakis. Mikis Theodorakis composed the music. Lambrakis’ name is on the List Of Peace Activists.

Martin Pall – It might be obvious why I defend Pall: Somebody has to do it. All others seem to be silenced by the power of the psychological terror created by Leszczynski. It is not about what scientifically is right or wrong where Pall writes or speaks about, it is Leszczynski’s destructive, utterly harmful, violent, offensive crusade against the man, who is in a way sentenced to death because of a paper in which Leszczynski for the right reasons has been put on his place, and….. because of the term VGCC, about calcium channels, within the field of EMF. Pall is not harming anything or anybody: in science scientists do not per definition agree with the other. Pall is our ally in the fight against the dictatorship of the 5G industry, and its guidelines decision maker: ICNIRP.

Leszczynski – Leszczynski is the tightrope walker who is making art theatre performances between Stop 5G and Rollout 5G: forth and back. Continuously. For me he is a Trojan Horse, creating much damage in the Stop 5G movement, while pretending, just now and then though, he is against 5G. Creating heavy smoke curtains to hide, what I detect as his work for the 5G industry. Leszczynski hates every single Stop 5G activist. Including scientists and not scientists. Political spies act the same. Leszczynski has therefore to be removed from the Stop 5G list.

Conclusion – So, Leszczynski, if there is a name to be mentioned in my battle against injustice, it is not Pall, not Firstenberg, but Theodorakis. No, I do not worship him (not anybody), and criticize him (and others) when needed. His music, texts, all what he is, has triggered my courage to fight for what is right. To dare to speak truth. With my total “me”. Also against you, Leszczynski.

My tool of resistance, my weapon education, explaining by analysing, in blog posts, in creating videos, by adding subtitles, pictures and video clips to the words of for instance the interview of Toni Epstein with Arthur Firstenberg, and his lecture “5G, Birds, Bees and Humanity” are ……

All for the Earth.


Part 1: Pseudoscience?
Part 2: Stop5G Activism



Between 1967 en 1974 Greece was terrorized by the dictatorship of the military junta. Mikis Theodorakis (born 1925) has been the motivator, the man of resistance, against this dictatorship, and since he became enormous beloved by the Greek people, he was banned. His music and songs were not allowed to be performed any longer, nobody was allowed to sing the songs, and even the bouzouki, Greece’s most popular and characteristic music instrument, was forbidden. From that time the bouzouki became part of all his compositions.

Playlist with the music of Mikis Theodorakis – a collection of his compositions: symphonies, chamber music, cello compositions, piano compositions, guitar compositions, cantatas, operas, oratorio, hymns, film music, ballets, Greek folk music, and live performances. The lyrics in his music are mostly from the Great Greek Poets. Canto General is from Chili’s Pablo Neruda’s poem with the same title. Also Mikis Theodorakis wrote poems, which were set to music. His music belongs to the Greek culture, Greek history, the Greek people: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxWZiLAl9qFhmZG_-5jHmb5rtlxhMKvGQ

Song in the video: “Romiosini”, lyrics by the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos – The term ‘Romiosini‘ is widely used in the Greek vocabulary and it is charged with the meaning of the Hellenic identity through the ages. It includes the Greek tradition, the folklore and struggles of the Greek people. The militant art of Ritsos expressed in this poem combines the natural and the human element, the emotions and the ideas connected with resistance. From “Tomorrow maybe they will kill us”

See also: Website Anti-War Songs

Don’t forget Oropos (concentration camp in Greece, during the military regime) – Μην ξεχνάς τον Ωρωπό

The father in exile, the house bereft,
we live in tyranny, in thick darkness.
And you, tortured people, don’t forget Oropos.

The mother cries alone, the trees and birds weep;
in our homeland night is falling, empty embrace.
And you, tortured people, don’t forget Oropos.

Penned behind barbed wire, but our hearts sound
Always the same vow, freedom and progress.
And you, tortured people, don’t forget Oropos.


Ο πατέρας εξορία
και το σπίτι ορφανό
ζούμε μες στην τυραννία
στο σκοτάδι το πηχτό.
Κι εσύ λαέ βασανισμένε μην ξεχνάς τον Ωρωπό.

Κλαίει κι η μάνα τώρα μόνη
κλαιν τα δέντρα, τα πουλιά
στην πατρίδα μας νυχτώνει
ορφανή η αγκαλιά.
Κι εσύ λαέ βασανισμένε μην ξεχνάς τον Ωρωπό.

Μες στα σύρματα κλεισμένοι
μα η καρδιά μας πάντα ορθή
πάντα ο ίδιος όρκος μένει
λευτεριά και προκοπή.
Κι εσύ λαέ βασανισμένε μην ξεχνάς τον Ωρωπό.


Reason to publish this song is the term “tyranny”: the tyranny of the telecom industry is overwhelmingly present, in all facets of the world politics and false safety guidelines. Even Earth, nature, are tortured by the regime of the industry. The Stop 5G movement is trying to stop the tyranny. Join the movement. The world is changing into an Oropos

Read also: Oropos, Chiotis’ goodbye, from the book: Mikis Theodorakis – The Greek Soul, by George Logothetis


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  1. I used to read the columns by Leszczynski but when is attacks on other scientists became more those of a rabid dog I stopped he is no longer relevant to the conversation is hep aid by industry to promote dissension

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