👉The link between electromagnetic radiation and illnesses

  • Update: January 25, 2020 – several updates in §2
  • Update: January 26, 2020 – added note 6 in §2
  • Update: January 27, 2020 – added note 7, and note 8 in §2
  • Update: January 28, 2020added note 9 in §2
  • Update: January 29, 2020 – added note 10, in §2
  • Update: January 29, 2020 – added note 11, in §2 ScienceDirect published ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS OF 5G MOBILE NETWORKING TECHNOLOGY UNDER REAL-LIFE CONDITIONS – Other term for “adverse” is “negative”. 
  • Update: February 18, 2020 – added additional information in chapter 1.



  1. Start of a detail of the Interview with Arthur Firstenberg
  2. My view on the situation of today: Arguing the possible link of the outbreak of the coronavirus -China- with the roll-out of 5G: Wuhan City is China’s first 5G network trial city.
  3. More about  the interview “The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation”
  4. The book: The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life”


A year ago, in January 2019, some months after I discovered that I am electro sensitive, I heard coincidentally the soundtrack of an audio recording of an interview conducted by Tonio Epstein, and scientist, researcher and electromagnetic radiation expert Arthur Firstenberg. It was published on Soundcloud by 𝐖𝐆𝐃𝐑, Goddard College Community Radio, Plainfield, United States, on April 6, 2018. The interview is based on Arthur Firstenberg’s book: “The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life“.

Arthur Firstenberg’s brilliant, detailed, at the same time light and easy way of educating, made me understand what electro sensitivity is, why life beings react on man-made electricity and electromagnetic radiation, and why all modern illnesses and diseases did not exist before the invention and use of man-made electricity. Though every word in the interview is of an utterly high importance to be able to understand the total picture, I would like to focus in this post on the historical start of all modern diseases and illnesses.


1. Start: 1:52

(Full transcript of part two: PDF)

Interviewer: So, let’s get into the effects and let’s start by talking about the historical connections between the rollout of each new level of electrical technology and the illnesses that erupted at the same time.

Arthur Firstenberg: Okay. The first technology that was actually harnessed for uses outside of medicine was telegraphy. Telegraph wires. And it was harnessed very quickly and in a very big way. Millions of miles of telegraph wires were strung around the earth starting in the 1840s, 1850s, 60s, 70s. Submarine cables were laid. It went worldwide. And a new disease was started to be reported in the medical literature that they called “neurasthenia”. We call that nowadays “anxiety disorder”. But from the time it was first described, which was in the 1860s until about the turn of the 20th century, it was considered a physical disease, not a psychological disease as we think of it today. And they searched and searched for a cause, and it affected enormous numbers of people throughout the western world, and it seemed to follow the courses of the telegraph wires. That whenever telegraph wires were laid, all of a sudden in that part of the world people would come down with neurasthenia. I make the case that this is due to exposure to electromagnetic fields. In 1889, alternating current essentially was harnessed. It was invented by Nikola Tesla and his patents were adopted by Westinghouse and all of a sudden we could transmit electricity long distances with little loss of power. And this was harnessed extremely rapidly, so rapidly that we went from virtually zero use of alternating current, to intense use of alternating current in one year, and the year was 1889.

1889 was the year of the first great modern influenza epidemic and this went worldwide and it lasted four years and it killed a couple of million people. Not as intense as the 1918 epidemic. We fast forward to 1918, when the United States entered World War One and Marconi had shown the world that you could make use of radio waves and demonstrated one of the first transmissions of it twenty years before, but when the United States entered World War One, we made intensive use of radio technology, for the first time, as part of our war effort. And after World War One is when the development of commercial radio began. I make the case in the book that the Spanish influenza epidemic was caused by the sudden change in the earth’s electromagnetic environment by the worldwide use of radio for the first time. And the next big …

Interviewer: Before we get to that, how close were they related, time wise, the Spanish influenza epidemic and the implementing of radio technology?

Arthur Firstenberg: Extremely close. The Spanish influenza began in American bases in this country, where soldiers were trained in the use of radio waves. And the installation of the most powerful alternator, a 50,000 watt alternator in New Jersey, by the United States, for use in communicating overseas, occurred in September of 1918, which is exactly when the Spanish influenza epidemic became so deadly.

Interviewer: Okay, I just wanted to clarify that. Continue with the historical progression.

Arthur Firstenberg: 1957 and ’58 was the erection of incredibly powerful civil defence radar stations. Again, by the United States, from coast to coast, and throughout Canada, and Alaska, and into the oceans and on air planes, and that also coincided with the next epidemic of influenza. In 1968, was the first launch of military satellites – and in fact pretty much the first launch of satellites, period – there was Sputnik, there were a few isolated satellites. In 1968, in one fell swoop, we doubled the number of satellites in the sky and that coincided with the Hong Kong flu of 1968.

Now, people will be resistant to the idea that influenza is not an infectious disease. This is why I spend two whole chapters on it in my book. Even back in the deadliest epidemic, practically, that has ever occurred in history, which is the 1918 Spanish influenza, there were heroic efforts to try to demonstrate the infectious nature of this disease. Doctors in various universities recruited hundreds of healthy people and brought them to the bedside of the sickest influenza patients and tried to infect them, tried to infect them by collecting secretions, and mucus, and throat swabbings from very sick people and had healthy people swallow it, put it in their eyes, put it up to their nose. Inject people with sick people’s blood. They were totally unable to infect a single healthy person with influenza from sick people during the deadliest epidemic this world has ever known. The same thing was tried in horses. Influenza affects horses, so they tried to infect healthy horses with the secretions from sick horses. Also failed! So it’s fascinating. Some of the old scientific reports make entertaining reading, shall I say.

But the existence of an influenza virus is well established. But the relationship between the virus and the disease is actually in question, and the relationship between influenza and electricity is very strong. And that brings us up to today, then there’s the wireless revolution.”

Book: The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life
Index about:

  • Influenza, 2, 35, 61, 75-112, 130-31, 328, 171-72, 386;
  • in animals, 82-83, 85, 91-92; at sea, 86, 88;
  • pandemic of 1728 – 1738, 84-85;
  • pandemic 0f 1889, 80-81, 85-86, 89-91, 106, 130;
  • pandemic of 1918, 91-92, 104-9, 130;
  • pandemic of 1957, 109-11, 130-31;
  • pandemic of 1968, 11, 131; virus, 81-83, 87, 89, 91-92, 104-7


5G og influensa
Language: Norwegian
To be translated via https://translate.google.com/
Author: Einar Flydal
Published: 18 February 2020

Till so far. Other illnesses and diseases related with electromagnetic radiation are e.g. heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These are explained in part 3.



2. Arguing the possible link of the outbreak of the coronavirus -China- with the roll-out of 5G: Wuhan City is China’s first 5G network trial city.
     Since there is a demonstrably link between electromagnetic radiation and illnesses, and since nobody knows what the exact cause is of the outbreak of the coronavirus [a new coronavirus variant] epidemic, which is an influenza virus, a flu virus, I wonder if there could be a link between the break out of the coronavirus and the roll-out of 5G. 5G has been recently activated in China. The epidemic started in Wuhan (11.000.000 citizens) but in the meantime it is also diagnosed in other Chinese big cities: Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi and Zhijiang. More details here.

My view on the situation: The coronavirus seems to affect people who live in big cities. The concentration of wireless radiation is the most intense in cities: Wuhan has 11 million citizens. Almost, but most probably all citizens in Wuhan have a cell phone and this phone is 24/7 on. The more people, the more the wireless radiation is intensifying, it becomes a smog web of invisible RF radiation: Wi-Fi is constantly ON on cell phones (unless Wi-Fi is turned off), which means that each cell phone constantly searches for the most nearby cell tower, which creates intense dynamical interactions, which have much higher radio frequencies than is allowed, in official guidelines. These guidelines though are not creating safety—as the telecom industry claims—. Guidelines for RF, EMF, are based on massive fraud. Professor Lennart Hardell published on 15 January 2020 an article in which he exposes the fraud committed by professor Martin Röösli, director of BERENIS, and member of ICNIRP. What ICNIRP is, and what exactly their fraud is, can be followed in this extended article.

The concentration of radiation of wireless in big cities is extremely much higher than the even fraudulent guidelines are permitting. This means that the levels of electromagnetic radiation in cities are highly dangerous. Why?

Wireless radiation —man-made electromagnetic radiation— harms the natural electro magnetic field of the human body, and weakens therefore the natural resistance of the body (and more, watch part 3). The natural 100% healthy electromagnetic field of the human body is related with the natural resistance and healthy, excellent working, body systems and organs. This total creates wholeness (which is named health), and is a natural protection shield. This wholeness is most probably related with the invisible rainbow, a unique phenomenon of life, energy and health, explained in Arthur Firstenberg’s book with the same title, and I suppose it is therefore also the title of Arthur Firstenberg’s book. Why this rainbow is invisible is explained in the prologue of the book.

Note 1: After this post was published on Twitter, I got a comment on it with a link to the Daily Mail: “China built a lab to study SARS and Ebola in Wuhan – and US biosafety experts warned in 2017 that a virus could ‘escape’ the facility that’s become key in fighting the outbreak.” My comment on this article: since not any source is mentioned, I do not consider this article as trustworthy. If it will be ever proved is highly unlikely, because China never admits mistakes. If China admits that the Wuhan lab is indeed the cause, I will not trust that answer either, because China is more interested in its industry and economy, than in the health of its people. The consequences of this attitude are as follows: An economical reason to admit the mistake in the Wuhan lab, could be to use it as a cover-up of 5G. If 5G has to be stopped because of creating an epidemic, this will become a financial catastrophe for China. But also for USA. For the world economy. So it is more likely that the Wuhan lab scenario as the cause of the coronavirus epidemic will be confirmed worldwide. This means that my scenario will be dismissed as a conspiracy theory, while the industry created one. Nobody can be trusted any more. There are too many scientific quacks who work in the media, the newspapers with big names, the industry, universities, the government. Nobody is checked, not even the people of WHO,  ICNIRP, the FCC, nothing is transparent, mostly sources are not mentioned, and the common people believe all what is the most present, which is the wireless propaganda.

Note 2: Found on Twitter: this tweet and translated the Japanese language with Google.

“I can’t say that 1. infectious disease is not related to 5G. 2. Immune function is reduced by electromagnetic waves.
1) Detection of new coronavirus = unexplained pneumonia in China
⇒ Infectious diseases frequently occur in Wuhan City, Hubei Province [I removed the link to a Japanese MSN]
2) Wuhan City is China’s first 5G network trial city” [I removed the link because there was a warning that the connection with the website is not safe.]

When checking the profile I see that @denjihagardman follows me on Twitter and could have found this article. At least I know now, if he speaks truth, that infectuous diseases often occur in Wuhan City and that Wuhan City is China’s first 5G network trial city. Since the virus lab is also located in Wuhan, the citizens of Wuhan have not only been under a constant threat of becoming infected with deadly viruses, but also been used as guinea pigs  for China’s experiment named 5G.

Note 3: Follow the expansion of the coronavirus via The New York Times.

Note 4: An article in Poynter underlines China’s disinterest in the well being of the Chinese people: China arrested 8 for spreading ‘hoaxes’ about what is now known as coronavirus. What happened to them?

Note 5: An article in The New York Times underlines the article mentioned in note 3.

Note 6: Found a thread (in Dutch) on Twitter created by a medical (lung) doctor: Sander de Hosson  He explains in 23 tweets all about the coronavirus, in an excellent way. The coronavirus started according to one of his tweets, on the market in Wuhan, where meat and fish is sold. This seems to be the source for the disease: infected meat and fish. Here it seems to stop. But. This does not stop me suspecting electromagnetic radiation as the real cause, because man-made electromagnetic radiation has a deep impact on all life forms, on all living creatures, and living organisms. Viruses are microscopic organisms. The meat and fish market is in Wuhan. I explained already the high concentration of EMF in Wuhan. It is time that scientists, other than those who already warn for the link between electro smog and illnesses, and where the world closes eyes and ears for, are going to study finally the biological effects of wireless and cell phone radiation, the non-thermal effects. The industry follows up the researches about the thermal effects, created by ICNIRP, an industry-related group, though they claim to be independent. Even WHO is not independent, it is a part of the UN, a with industry mixed organization. The industry has not spent one dollar, till today, in independent research. Source: Senator Blumental, USA. Meat, fish, exposed to the open air, on markets, is easy to be affected by wireless radiation. Meat, and fish when it is cleaned and cut into pieces, are in fact an open wound. In the SAR guidelines, which are included in each new cell phone box, by the industry, humans are warned for open wounds on their body. Read on: Conspiracy theories around 5G and Stop5G, paragraph 6. The organisms of animals and humans are the same.

Note 7: Wuhan is a big powerful microwave oven. Arthur Firstenberg: “You can put food in a microwave oven, it’ll cook it. You don’t want the door open while you’re cooking your food because then it will cook you. Each cell phone is a microwave oven with the door open.”

Question: how high and intense is the microwave oven radiation with 11.000.000 active cell phones, in Wuhan? [Smart meters and cell towers not even included.]

Note 8: To underline again my suspecting China for hiding the truth, as explained in former notes in this blog post, to offer you an idea about how people are treated who speak truth, and how governments in China, but also Taiwan, are spreading falsehoods, scam about how the corona virus can be healed, here an article, that I also mentioned in note 4, published in Poynter, on January 23, shared on Twitter today, January 27, by Kenneth Roth, Executive Director Human Rights Watch: China arrested 8 for spreading ‘hoaxes’ about what is now known as coronavirus. What happened to them? “It clearly shows what can happen when government forces take the lead in deciding what is true and what is false.” There is still no answer on the question what happened to these 8 Chinese coronavirus whistle-blowers.

Note 9: In the meantime there have popped up more scenarios in all kinds of newspapers and is the original scenario of the market in Wuhan rejected. Nobody knows by who. The Wuhan market IS the place though where all started. The first signals came from there. Why does China want to change this fact now? There is also mentioned that bats create the disease. How can this happen? Where do these bats live? How can they infect people? If bats are used in the virus-lab in Wuhan, how can it happen that they escape? China is the only state in the world that has everything under control, so, I do not believe that any bat could escape. Now they create a sandstorm of fake news to cover-up the real cause. Also The New York Times is working very hard to cover-up the story by writing: We Made The Coronavirus. Yes, this is exactly the reason why Arthur Firstenberg wrote his book about the history of electricity and life (and diseases). Yes, humans can create viruses, so the title is not news.  That new variants can be cultivated in a lab is possible, but in a control-freak China it is not possible that the virus can escape, and create a break out. I suspect the New York Times as well for joining the parade of covering-up the real cause named wireless radiation, because The New York Times is pro 5G, and tries via not even documented articles written by dubious journalists, to make the world believe that wireless is safe. Read: 5G is the absolute undeniable conspiracy set-up of industrial scientists. It can be found in this article.

Arthur Firstenberg proved in his book The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life, via graphics, and links to scientifical sources, that all modern diseases have started from the time that humanity started to use electricity. 5G is the next but enormous step in the development of electromagnetic radiation. China has started with it and Wuhan is a 5G test city lab.

That is why I keep to my own scenario. Just waiting for more “sandstorms” in the media, and more cover-up stories.

Note 10. Found a link to The Lancet: Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China in an article of the NOS, Dutch news broadcaster: Hoe eerlijk is China over de uitbraak van het coronavirus? / How honest is China about the outbreak of the coronavirus? Facts: the first case dates from December 1, 2019. This means that the person was infected already in November 2019 and he was not infected on the market, according to the Lancet. The market place though plays a key role in the outbreak of the coronavirus, but it is possible that there is another source.

How reliable is The Lancet? Research published in The Lancet is considered ethical and credible. However. ALL scientists who are responsible for the text of the here above mentioned article in The Lancet, are Chinese, and work in China. Several work in a hospital in Wuhan.  How reliable are Chinese scientists? How reliable are Chinese medical scientists? Personally I do not believe there is one single Chinese scientist can be trusted. Why do these scientist speak now while it is known that it is normal in Wuhan that there are influenzas (see note 2). IF these scientists are really working according to their ethical responsibilities why is there not anything published in The Lancet, by these medical doctors, about their worries about electromagnetic radiation, and their worries for the effects of electromagnetic radiation is 11.000.000 citizens city Wuhan, and the rollout of 5G? As long China has not any public research on electromagnetic radiation, the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, I do not trust this article in The Lancet. If there are and you know it, please let me know.

Note 11: On January 25, 2020, ScienceDirect published ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS OF 5G MOBILE NETWORKING TECHNOLOGY UNDER REAL-LIFE CONDITIONS – Other term for “adverse” is “negative”.


3. More about  the interview “The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation”
The entire interview: post
The transcripts of all videos are available in a PDF. Links to these PDF files can be found in the post.
All Arthur Firstenberg videos in a playlist: Multerland YouTube


4. The book: The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life”
Quoted from the prologue:

We live today with a number of devastating diseases that do not belong here, whose origin we do not know, whose presence we take for granted and no longer question. What it feels like to be without them is a state of vitality that we have completely forgotten.

«Anxiety disorder,» afflicting one-sixth of humanity, did not exist before the 1860s, when telegraph wires first encircled the earth. No hint of it appears in the medical literature before1866.

Influenza, in its present form, was invented in 1889, along with alternating current. It is with us always, like a familiar guest—so familiar that we have forgotten that it wasn’t always so. Many of the doctors who were flooded with the disease in 1889 had never seen a case before.

Prior to the 1860s, diabetes was so rare that few doctors saw more than one cases during their lifetime. It, too, has changed in character: diabetics were once skeletally thin. Obese people never developed the disease.

Heart disease at that time was the twenty-fifth most common illness, behind accidental drowning. It was an illness of infants and old people. It was extraordinary for anyone else to have a diseased heart.

Cancer was also exceedingly rare. Even tobacco smoking, in non-electrified times, never caused lung cancer.

These are the diseases of civilization, that we have also inflicted on our animal and plant neighbors, diseases that we live with because of a refusal to recognize the force that we have harnessed for what it is.The 60-cycle current in our house wiring, the ultrasonic frequencies in our computers, the radio waves in our televisions, the micro waves in our cell phones, these are only distortions of the invisible rainbow that runs through our veins and makes us alive. But we have forgotten.

It is time that we remember.

The book “The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life”, where the interview is based on, and frequently referred to, can be ordered here. Pages: 558, of which 171 filled with notes and bibliography.



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