Conspiracy Theories

Edited: August 18, 2019


See: The FCC says 5G is safe, but that won’t stop conspiracy theorists

My comment on this:

Thousands of scientists say 5G is not safe, but that does not seem to stop the conspiracy theorists who have a contract as a scientist with FCC.

The term conspiracy theories is used by those who defend the rollout of 5G, in order to stop the activists of the “Stop 5G Movement”, to put the Stop 5G Movement in a bad light, including also over 130.000 citizens (International Appeal) ―of which are thousands of scientists, medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, building biologists, health practitioners― . Their intention is to make the citizens who are not able to understand the difference between lies and truth, think that they, the defenders of the rollout, are right. To understand the science of radiation these people need to be educated about the difficult complex science about electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic fields, but they are not, and the highly needed time for educating world wide is running out: the rollout of 5G has already started.

Even the scientists who defend the rollout of 5G are not informed, and are not willing to be informed about the dangers of 5G where the neutral, independent (=not industrial) scientists warn for, while the neutral scientists KNOW and understand where the industrial scientists are working with, what they neglect, and what they are researching wrongly. They, the industrial scientists, researched the thermal effects, while they should have researched the biological effects. The pro 5G scientists have not even studied where created guidelines: I have checked PubMed on what the scientists belonging to ICNIRP and SCHEER have studied and researched. What I found is shocking and published in part 1, in the paragraph: Letter To EU. It is shocking to realise who decides what is safe. The organizations and governments that should protect humanity and life on earth prefer to accept the theories of the pro 5G scientists, but the most important of all, WHO, is totally absent, and creates by doing that a Planetary Emergency.


Conspiracy theories created by those who DEFEND the rollout of 5G

Governments, organizations like EU, WHO, ICNIRP, FCC, ARPANSA, etc. make themselves guilty of spreading around conspiracy theories: they cannot prove that their THEORIES about 5G are based on safety guidelines, that are accepted worldwide by all scientists as safe. Their theories are based on falsehoods as is explained in 5G * EU guidelines are fraudulent: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Dr. Martin L. Pall has created a series of 12 questions, that should be asked to any defender of the 5G rollout based on those false guidelines. These questions are to be found in this PDF. It is mentioned in part 2 of “EU guidelines are fraudulent”.


Original Post:

Because of a lack of right information about 5G and why to stop 5G, also the missing educational videos about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation, with some rare exceptions, the missing support of the newspapers and other media, a huge gap between the science about 5G, the science about the why to stop 5G, and the common people has been created.

The common people are those who do not know where to search for the right info, are not able to see the difference between science and industrial science, the difference between news articles with right information and articles with falsehoods, or scam.

These people are unfortunately not interested in learning the causes and effects of nowadays illnesses and their relation with the only in economical profit interested industry, do not see the importance of knowing and being able to offer the right answer in the media of today when there are discussions, like on Twitter, or YouTube videos, and just repeat what they heard, without understanding what they repeat, if there are maybe mistakes, falsehoods, or the presence of conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories put the entire Stop 5G movement in a bad light.


  1. What are conspiracy theories? 1b. What are the causes of conspiracy theories?
  2. Conspiracy Theory: 5G is going to be used as a weapon
  3. NOT a Conspiracy Theory: 5G causes cancer
  4. Conspiracy Theory: The Dead Birds in Netherlands
  5. Superstition: pyramids in Bosnia can counter the roll out of 5G
  6. About the International Appeal, and its undermining influencer
  7. Justification

1. What are conspiracy theories?

“A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful actors, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable. The term has a pejorative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence. Conspiracy theories resist falsification and are reinforced by circular reasoning: both evidence against the conspiracy and an absence of evidence for it, are re-interpreted as evidence of its truth, and the conspiracy becomes a matter of faith rather than proof.

On a psychological level, conspiracist ideation—belief in conspiracy theories—can be harmful or pathological, and is highly correlated with paranoia and Machiavellianism. Conspiracy theories once limited to fringe audiences have become commonplace in mass media, emerging as a cultural phenomenon of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.” Source: Wikipedia


1b. What are the causes of conspiracy theories?

The reasons of the formation of conspiracy theories around the roll out of 5G have been caused in all probability

1. by the indeed frightening reality that the industry is not offering any ear to the group of scientists that oppose the research results of the industry. The industry’s science claims that the thermal effects are essential, and do not show any danger for public health, while the opposing scientists, the neutral scientists, claim that the researches have to be focused on the biological effects of EMF/RF, and their research results show all danger for public health.

2. The groups that create the guidelines -like ICNIRP, FCC, CSC6, ARPANSA- for EMF/RF align with the industry. The industry has not spent any dollar in independent researches. Website Senator Blumenthal, USA. The guidelines used by all countries, world wide, are fraudulent.

3. Until today, 4G has not been researched in-depth by the industry. WHO is totally absent in the discussions about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation, while 4G is considered to be carcinogenic, damaging DNA, cause of diabetes and heart disease, cause of bee collapse, forest die-off. Source. Though the highly needed sign, that 4G is safe is missing, the roll out of 5G has already started. There is not any research result available that 5G is safe. Scientists, world wide, sound the alarm, but there is not any government reacting. WHO is not reacting. EU has fraudulent website information about  4G and nothing about 5G is written. Please read the serial of three posts about it. The big newspapers write propaganda for 5G, based on fraud, falsehoods, and ridicule the Stop 5G movements. Latest example: EMFactsConsultancy. More examples: 1 and 2.

4. Until today there has not been any highly needed conference about the enormous gap between the two each other contradicting groups of scientists, while there is not any declaration from WHO, EU, USA, all world countries, that 4G is safe, that 5G is safe, while the first satellites have already been launched, and 5G is already been tested on several places on earth.

Conclusion 1:

“The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.” International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space.

Conclusion 2:

The people have lost their trust in their government, lost their trust in those who are there to protect the health and lives of all life beings on earth. This creates a logic fear for the future, born out of fair reasons and LOGIC thinking. This fear awakens feelings of resistance and these have created Stop 5G movements. That is fantastic.

Some Stop 5G activists however are spreading falsehoods about 5G. They have created conspiracy theories, and these create another type of fear: not based on common sense and rational thinking, but on science fiction that is claimed as real, as science, not fiction, but science, while it is science fiction, and therefore not a film that can be turned off, but real life, from which one cannot escape. That is utterly scary for all who believe that what these activists claim is true.

The Stop 5G activist Mike Steele for instance lectures his script with the horrible science fiction sceneries about 5G, and he performs it with passion and mastership, as if he is the actor in his own movie. Conspiracy theories and science fiction stories or videos about 5G however disempower the Stop5G movements, make them ridiculous, and have to be stopped.

2. Conspiracy Theory: 5G is going to be used as a weapon

5G is not developed to be used as a weapon. The existence of Stop5G activists who want to make people believe that 5G is going to be used as a weapon disempower the Stop5G movements and are creating unhealthy, on lies based fear in people. Mike Steele lectures about this and spreads conspiracy theories.

The fact that 4G frequencies have been used in the cold war, as Barrie Trower explains, is true. Dr. Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile-phones and Wi-Fi. Mr Trower has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio-communications systems that are harmful to health. Playlist with interviews.


3. NOT a conspiracy theory: 5G causes cancer

The fact that 4G, but also previous mobile generations cause cancer, creates the logic expectation that 5G is going to create cancer as well. Besides that logic expectation there are now already enough reliable indications, based on scientific research, that 5G will be even worse than all previous generations wireless.

3A. The industry knows their products create cancer.
The existence of so-called SAR guidelines proves the danger of former “G’s”. Check, if you fit in the SAR profile, in order to be safe, or not. The most of the people are NOT safe.

The industry’s SAR guidelines [any cell phone at or below these SAR levels (that is, any phone legally sold in the U.S.) is a “safe” phone, as measured by these standards] in order to avoid cancer are:

  • You should be 186 cm and weigh 96 kg.
  • You should be an adult male.
  • You should have strong health.
  • The cell phone should be kept at least 2,5 cm away from your head.
  • You should never talk for more than six minutes, because it is measuring whether there could be one degree heat generated within six minutes.
  • Your brain should consist of a homogenous mass.
  • And you should not have wounds, because then cells are multiplying faster, so the risk is higher.

Source: Einar Flydal, Norwegian scientist and EMF researcher, in his lecture in Oslo, Norway. The lecture was part of the seminar «Microwave radiation – a corporate social responsibility challenge for the ICT and smart grid industries?», arranged by BI, The Norwegian Business School, Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, October 20, 2014. Lecture (Video)

Important read: “Doubt Is Their Product: How Industry’s Assault on Science Threatens Your Health” on PubMed


3B. Scientific research on 5G, the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation and related information:

  • Dr. Martin L. Pall on 5G – Article
  • Arthur Firstenberg: website
  • Arthur Firstenberg: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation Article. All parts of the serial are important to learn to understand WHY wireless radiation creates cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The interview is based on Arthur Firstenberg’s book: “The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life” – Review on Research Gate: Frank de Vocht – Website Arthur Firstenberg. Another important source of information is Arthur Firstenberg’s lecture. Article.
  • Scientific Reports: Untargeted metabolomics unveil alterations of biomembranes permeability in human HaCaT keratinocytes upon 60 GHz millimeter-wave exposure [We need more basic molecular biology expertise to apprehend the disturbance of cell biology by millimeter waves, but the speed of the roll out of 5G  blocks the possibility to do this in time.]
  • Scientists who researched EMF speak: playlists with interviews and lectures – Very important are the words of Dr. George Carlo. Video. More about Dr. George Carlo in the information of the playlist.
  • Clear Evidence of Cell Phone RF Radiation Cancer Risk – Article
  • Increasing brain cancer in Norway follows mobile market – Article
  • 5G * EU-guidelines are fraudulent – Article
  • 5G – Search and Share – Article

The conclusions of researches by scientists who studied the biological effects of all wireless radiation are world wide the same, and warning for the risks.

4. Conspiracy Theory: The Dead Birds in Netherlands

I am Dutch, and followed the news around the phenomenon of the death of many starlings, in a serial of several days, on the same spot. This occurred in the Netherlands, The Hague, in 2018. There have been several official investigations on this, and it cannot be – and was not proved – and is not proved yet, that this occurred because of the presence of cell towers, 4G, or a 5G-test-antenna. Source 1: NRC newspaper, 2 November 2018 –  Source 2: NRC newspaper, 27 December 2018.


5. Falsehood: pyramids in Bosnia can counter the roll out of 5G


Bosnian Sun Pyramid – Wikimedia – This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Author: TheBIHLover

.The Bosnian Pyramids are not real pyramids, but mountains that have the shape of a pyramid. The entire false, though very popular tourist scenery that has been built up around these in a pyramid shaped mountains, has been created by Sam Osmanagich, a Bosnian businessman who lives now in Texas, USA. Read the full story here. There are several articles on the web about the mountains in Bosnia, but there is not any source mentioned to real reliable research results.

Note: people claim that nature cannot shape a mountain into a pyramidal form, and that the “pyramids” in Bosnia are therefore real. On Svalbard is also a mountain shaped as a pyramid. “Pyramiden” lies at the foot of the Billefjorden on the island of Spitsbergen and is named after the pyramid-shaped mountain with the same name adjacent to the town.

Attention: There are Stop-5G groups that believe that Pyramids in Bosnia can counter the roll out of 5G. These Stop-5G-groups are creating real harm to the credibility of all existing Stop-5G movements, because they enlarge the gap between the industrial scientist and the scientists who urge governments to stop the roll out of 5G.

The Bosnia-Pyramids-Stop-5G event makes the Stop-5G-sceptic society even more sceptic, and this disempowers the stop 5G movements.

I do believe in, however, and trust on in the inner strength, natural spirit and common sense of the human being to finally learn to resist the industry’s assault on science, by learning to understand the science of the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation, and to stop the roll out of 5G in the way as Arthur Firstenberg has explained it in his interview and lecture. Playlist.

6. About the International Appeal, and its undermining influencer

banner with dark blue SIGN THE APPEAL button reduced in size 3

One of the contributors to superstition and conspiracy theories is a well known popular female influencer, active in the Stop-5G movement. I do believe that we all should do what we think that has to be done, and what feels good or the best.

I am against the fact however, that this well known influencer, a celebrity, because of her speech in an environment that only can force respect, spoken to a highly ranked official in a world organization that is related with politics, recorded and published in a YouTube video that went viral, is misusing the name and credibility of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space in order to achieve credibility for her, on personal views based lectures and speeches, recorded in videos, her presence in public events, e.g. Bosnia, in all probability invited there because of her work for Arthur Firstenberg’s International Appeal, and having had a job in the political organization that is acknowledged world wide, and therefore considered as reliable.

If she had really understood the work of Arthur Firstenberg then she should not have taken part in the event in Bosnia, or eventually would have used her presence in Bosnia to talk about the power of the people within themselves, to believe and trust that power within, and to follow up the advice of Arthur Firstenberg, to throw their mobile into the e-waste, to stop their subscription with the telecom provider, in order to stop 5G. Not any pyramid or mountain can do that for them, and only this can counter the roll out of 5G. Arthur Firstenberg speaks about the importance of letting go of the mobile (the monkey with a fist in jar filled with peanuts) in his lecture. Playlist. The people who are active in the Stop 5G Movements do not seem to have understood the importance of this message yet.

She has created a wrong statement by being present there: “…what Arthur Firstenberg believes as a solution is not enough, because the magic of the pyramids will stop 5G”. This is fetishism. Superstition.

I do know and acknowledge however that the natural energies of places in remote wilderness on earth really exist, also special energies in and around historical places are real. That is normal. The utterly negative side-effect of the discovery of these unique places is that tourism starts to pollute these environmentally so incredible vulnerable  rare places on earth, and soon all there is destroyed and polluted as well. Where tourists are, plastic arrives, cell towers are raised, to provide internet service to the tourists. As an example I invite you to watch this video, it is about a special place in China.

When one visits the websites of the pyramids in Bosnia one can only conclude that also the pollution the hundreds of thousands of visitors create by flying there is a point to think about. How aware they are of their CO2 footprint? Each place on earth is unique, and needs to be respected. You do not need to fly there to stop 5G. We do not only need to stop 5G, we must also stop the climate catastrophe.

The “about” of the influencer’s YouTube channel creates the assumption that her channel is related with the International Appeal. It is not the International Appeal’s channel, but her own personal channel, with her own personal icon, and a name that is derived from her own name. The channel contains a mix of some own, but mostly copied videos: some videos with people who contribute to conspiracy theories, and some videos with scientists that are indeed reliable, like a video with Olle Johansson, a video with the soundtrack of an interview with Arthur Firstenberg [the same interview is available with subtitles, photos and video clips in this playlist], and a video with Barrie Trower.

The channel contains also an on conspiracy theory based video about the dead birds. I have discussed this subject with her, early 2019: I am Dutch and this occurred in the Netherlands, The Hague, in 2018. There have been several official investigations on this, and it cannot be – and was not proved – and is not proved yet, that this occurred because of the presence of cell towers, 4G, or a 5G-test-antenna. These were not there. She has preferred to follow her own conspiracy theory as truth and published the false information about it in the video anyway, and in the newsletter of the International Appeal. She has not the right to do this, because the newsletter has an official International Appeal banner.

My, our future, is depending on the results of the International Appeal’s science, goals and reliability.

In my opinion it is not ethical, not showing to understand the responsibilities related with the International Appeal. Shortly: it is foolish, immature and mentally weak to promote conspiracy theories.

Concerning the channel: only then when it is for hundred percent clear that the channel is not related with the International Appeal, and not mentioning the International Appeal’s website’s URL and email address in “about” in the channel, she can upload there what she likes.

Question: “How can the not so well or even totally uninformed people know the difference between real and fake when both are present in the same channel, that makes visitors believe it is the International Appeal’s channel? They will consider all videos as approved on reliability by Arthur Firstenberg, which is not the case, and therefore the channel creates misunderstandings about real science, and contributes to scam”.

Warning: Please, Influencer of the Stop 5G movements, including the International Appeal, be aware of your responsibilities of the role you play, and that you can contribute from the start of your YouTube channel to its failure.

Read also: 5G – Search and Share, §01,1

7. Justification

This article here has been created solely for expressing my deep worries about the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space and other Stop 5G groups or movements.

The reason for writing an article about the subjects, instead of emailing the Influencer, is obvious: communication failed in the past.

If there is additional information about groups or people that publish conspiracy theories about 5G, please send me the URL of their website, video, or article.

Header: Painting by Zdzislaw Beksinski – See also: website


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