๐ŸŸจ Economic Fetishism and 5G



Tomas Sedlacek is the author of the book: The Economics of Good and Evil. In this book he analyses economy, the economy that rules us and where we contribute to. In its essence it is an economy that is based on myths and strange numbers, on FEAR, the fear to lose the control over stability. In โ€œยง0. Updatesโ€, of the post Science and Dirty Science, Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski speaks in the intro of his 5G article, about the fear that, in his opinion, the Stop 5G movement is creating about 5G, while he defends an industry that works with an economy that is based on the sick fear to lose the control over the growth of capital, needed, in their opinion, to guarantee stability. This is a myth. Economy today is a fetish.


A fetish is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a human-made object that has power over others. Economy is a man-made system that has power over others. All is allowed when it comes to protect, or empower economy. Even if it is unethical. This means that it exceeds the power of any kind of political system, religion, morality, ethics and how it could happen that dirty science -the fetishism serving science- became so much more powerful than not fetishism serving science. This aligns with what is explained about the pyramids, in ยง5 of the post: Science and Dirty Science.

โ€œWe have fetishized economicsโ€, explains Tomas Sedlacek in the article โ€œThe perfect society is an illusionโ€. He talks about a well functioning new economic system that is based on reality and common sense, in his book, several lectures, interviews and articles. His way of analysing economy is an excellent addition to my post Science and Dirty Science, to deepen the in this post shared thoughts about politics, the industry, and as a new even deeper thought: the unveiling of the political, industrial deeply rooted fear to lose control, and their acts and choices when it comes to the roll out of 5G.

5G and evolution

5G as an ultimate fetish. When one talks about a modern society, the upper-class-world contradicting the belief systems of our ancestors, the so-called primitive peoples, we can only admit that we did not make one step ahead. We are as fearful, as paranoid, as primitive, as the first anthropos. Evolution: only physical, but even that is not true in all details because physically we degenerate, are so much weaker than our ancestors. Spiritually we did not evolve, though we believe we did. Despite all religions, we still believe in false gods but we do not recognize them. Economy modern style is a false god, a fetish, we are sacrificing our children, our selves, our values, our ethics on the altar of economy. We still live in the jungle, the modern jungle of modern systems, and we, humans, are because of all that on the edge of the abyss, named extinction.

This means that science in general is outdated, not able to fathom existence, life.

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