Arthur Firstenberg: 5G, Birds, Bees and Humanity


A Symposium regarding 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity was held on August 12, 2018 in Taos, New Mexico, USA.


  1. Nikki FlorioBee Heroic
  2. Arthur FirstenbergAuthor “Invisible Rainbow, a History of Electricity and Life” – President of the Cellular Phone Task Force / International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
  3. Steven Schneider PhDprofessor and author
  4. Michael BlanshanDoctors W.A.R.N.
  5. Riun AshlieCertified Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist (EMRS), Neural Vitality Networks
  6. Bud WilsonFounder and Guide Deep Nature Journeys


arthur firstenbergArthur Firstenberg discussed the history, science, and description of 5G, including 5G from satellites in space, and its expected effects on all living things. The audio track of his lecture can be found on his website.

I made a video with the audio track and illuminated it with photos and videos. I divided the lecture in 13 parts. It is possible to watch each part on command, by clicking on the time -scroll down below the video is a list with the chapters-, next to the number of the lecture you want to watch, or watch again. By doing this you continue watching on YouTube.



Arthur Firstenberg – 5G, Birds, Bees, and Humanity




The 13 chapters in the lecture:

  1.  00:15 The story of the monkey and the jar of peanuts
  2.  01:47 The irradiation by cell phones and cell towers – responsibilities
  3.  03:59 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
  4. 11:26 WiFi refugees
  5. 13:05 EHS
  6. 15:38 Conflict-minerals in your cell phone
  7. 23:37 All in order to serve YOU
  8. 24:58 5G – Intensification of the destruction
  9. 27:19 LiFi – a Trojan horse
  10. 28:44 Space: enormous fleets of 5G satellites in low and medium orbit
  11. 31:04 What will this do to earth and every living thing on earth?
  12. 32:57 The global electrical circuit
  13. 35:08 «We»



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