International Symposium: Biological Effects of Wireless Technology, Mainz, Germany, October 2019

via International Symposium: Biological Effects of Wireless Technology, Mainz, Germany, October 2019

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  1. Wireless technology belongs on the same list as tobacco, asbestos, pesticides (like neonicotinoids, agent orange, roundup, but all pesticides are killing / creating diseases).
  2. Too long the industry, industry-related scientists, guideline creators and deciders like EU’s SCHEER, Australia’s ARPANSA, the US FCC, Canada Safety Code 6, ICNIRP, have brainwashed and mislead governments, politicians, political parties, world organizations, and the media, with fraudulent information about the effects of Wireless Technology on health [5G * EU-guidelines are fraudulent], while it is already proved, from the seventies of the former century, that wireless technology creates health hazards. The industry, and all mentioned in the first sentence, have focused on the thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation, while they KNOW that they should study the biological effects.

Therefore the entire world is in a life threatening denial about the real effects, the biological effects. The results of researches on the biological effects are alarming. Total extinction is coming closer because of the rolling out of 5G. [Dr. Martin L. Pall on 5G]

Therefore I welcome the news of the International Symposium as Good News!



  • 15 APR 19

From Dariusz Leszczynski:

International Symposium: Biological Effects of Wireless Technology, Mainz, Germany, October 2019

An international symposium, titled; “Technical progress or progressive irresponsibility? Biological Effects of Wireless Technology” has been organised by a number of European organisations, a partial listing includes:

The Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humans, the Environmental and Consumer Organization for the Protection against Electromagnetic Radiation, the European Academy of Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM), Pandora – the Foundation for Independent Research, the Association of Building Biology and other partners. The event is sponsored by Stiftung für Kinder, Freiburg and Auerbach Stiftung, Tettnang. It will take place on October 4. – 6., 2019 at the Electoral Palace Mainz.

Symposium Mainz GermanyExcerpts from the symposium announcement (detailed schedule of the symposium will be announced later):

Cell phones, Smartphones, Tablets … Smart Home … Smart City … Internet of Things … The digital transformation of our society is expected to continue with the new 5G standard, largely through mobile and wireless communication. As a result, radiation exposure due to mobile and wireless communication technologies, their infrastructure and applications will increase enormously.

What health risks are involved? What are the possible consequences for particular groups at risk, especially children and adolescents?

The conference will provide easy-to-understand overviews of the “biological effects” of mobile and wireless communication technologies as well as in-depth discussions that will be as accessible to non-experts as possible. Internationally renowned speakers will share firsthand information and recommendations in lectures, workshops, documentary films and panel discussions, inviting everybody to join the discussion.

Four chapters in the program:

  1. The current state of risk research
  2. Wireless radiation risks for the future of life
  3. Workshops
  4. About the political and legal situation – For a new precautionary policy

Invited Speakers

  • Adj.Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski,
  • Prof. Martin Pall,
  • Prof. Wilhelm Mosgöller,
  • Prof. Karl Hecht,
  • Dr. Devra Davis,
  • Prof. Michael Kundi,
  • Peter Hensinger M.A.,
  • Prof. Gertraud Teuchert-Noodt,
  • Prof. Dominique Belpomme,
  • Prof. Lennart Hardell,
  • Prof. Wilfried Kühling,
  • Richter a.D. Bernd I. Budzinski,
  • Dr. Marc Arazi,
  • Dr. George Carlo.

Documentary Film:

  • presented by Klaus Scheidsteger & Dipl. Ing. Lothar Moll.

Workshops from a medical, educational and building biology perspective:

  • Dr. Monika Krout,
  • Dr. Petra Wiechel,
  • Dr. Klaus Scheler,
  • Steffen Heil,
  • Dipl. Ing. Joachim Gertenbach.

All presentations and discussions will be simultaneously translated into English or German, respectively.The Electoral Palace of Mainz, the conference venue, will be kept free of Wi-Fi.

International Symposium: Biological Effects of Wireless Technology, Mainz, Germany, October 2019










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