Arthur Firstenberg ~ The Hidden Dangers Of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation

Update: January 15, 2020

1. Intro

The audio interview, The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation is based on Arthur Firstenberg’s book: “The Invisible Rainbow, a History about Electricity and Life“.

Invisible_Rainbow_book_cover-400x591“THE STORY OF the invention and use of electricity has often been told before, but never from an environmental point of view. The assumption of safety, and the conviction that electricity has nothing to do with life, are by now so entrenched in the human psyche that new research, and testimony by those who are being injured, are not enough to change the course that society has set. Two increasingly isolated worlds—that inhabited by the majority, who embrace new electrical technology without question, and that inhabited by a growing minority, who are fighting for survival in an electrically polluted environment—no longer even speak the same language. In The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg bridges the two worlds. In a story that is rigorously scientific yet easy to read, he provides a surprising answer to the question, “How can electricity be suddenly harmful today when it was safe for centuries?”  Source: The Cellphone Task Force


2. Arthur Firstenberg: about

Arthur FirstenbergArthur Firstenberg is a scientist and journalist who is at the forefront of a global movement to tear down the taboo surrounding this subject [see intro]. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University with a degree in mathematics, he attended the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine from 1978 to 1982. Injury by X-ray overdose cut short his medical career. For the past thirty-five years he has been a researcher, consultant, and lecturer on the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation, as well as a practitioner of several healing arts.

Source: The Cellphone Task Force


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3. The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation

“The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation”, a by Multerland uploaded series of in total 4 educational videos with the soundtrack of an audio recording of an interview conducted by Tonio Epstein and scientist and researcher Arthur Firstenberg that was published on Soundcloud by 𝐖𝐆𝐃𝐑, Goddard College Community Radio, Plainfield, United States, on April 6, 2018. Duration of the entire interview: 60 minutes.


Transcript of 1/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Sources of photos and videos in 1/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Playlist with 4 parts

Part 1/4: Education about the human body with a natural DIRECT current 130 V. electrical system, the same as earth, and all other earthly beings. This natural electrical system is attacked by the man-made electricity (230V) unnatural ALTERNATING current, which irradiates an electromagnetic field that interferes with, which is an environmental assault on, the very vulnerable human body systems, like nerves, blood vessels, organs, lymph, meridians, acupuncture points, chakras, and dantians. The unnatural interference has increased immensely since the year 1980, when the first cell phones came on the market. The information is based on the scientific research of 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. The deadly effect of 5G on all life on earth, will be explained in part number 4.

“We are living in an environment estimated to contain more than 10 billion times more RF radiation than it did in the 60s.” (Associate Professor Olle Johansson at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in an interview on 9th May, 2015, in the Telegraph, UK)


Transcript of 2/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Sources of photos and videos in 2/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Playlist with 4 parts

Part 2/4: Arthur Firstenberg details the correlation of the first and successive worldwide influenza epidemics with the global installation and use of electricity—first, telegraph wires, then electric lighting, and then cell phones. Arthur Firstenberg describes how during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, the deadliest flu epidemic the world has ever had, doctors tried all kinds of ways to infect healthy people to prove the flu was contagious. Try as they might, they could not infect one healthy person. Arthur Firstenberg also relates the history of the American 1996 Telecommunications Act, and how it came to be that Americans are not even allowed to talk about cell towers from the point of view of health concerns at their City Council and Planning Commission meetings.



Transcript of 3/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Sources of photos and videos in 3/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Playlist with 4 parts

Part 3/4: Education about EMF as the cause of diabetes, heart disease like atherosclerosis, and cancer. Arthur Firstenberg also talks about the scientific research on the effects of EMF on animals, bees, birds, insects, amphibians and forests. Metabolism is a keyword in this part number three, because EMF interferes in the metabolism which leads to diabetes, heart disease and cancer.



Transcript of 4/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Sources of photos and videos in 4/4 ~ The Hidden Dangers of Wireless & Cell Phone Radiation ~ Arthur Firstenberg

Playlist with 4 parts

Part 4/4: Education about Education about 5G, EMF radiation, WiFi refugees, EMF shielding, cell phones, the telecom industry, and why it is important to become an activist against 5G.


4. Arthur Firstenberg: 5G, Birds, Bees and Humanity

An all-day symposium on 5G was held in Taos, New Mexico on Sunday, August 12, 2018. Arthur Firstenberg discussed the history, science, and description of 5G, including 5G from satellites in space, and its expected effects on all living things.

Article with video


5. Newsletters International Appeal

6. Newsletter March 26, 2020:

With information about:

  • 1. the 1918 Spanish Flu
  • 2. the Coronavirus and 5G




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