๐Ÿ‘‰ International Appeal: Stop 5G



  1. Arthur Firstenberg: 5G SpaceAppeal, Newsletter, June 6, 2019: PDF โ€“ https://multerland.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/5g_space_appeal_newsletter_june_6_2019.pdf
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  6. Arthur Firstenberg: 5G Space Appeal, Newsletter, December 1, 2019: PDF โ€“ https://multerland.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/newsletter_december_2019.pdf




From the website: International Appeal: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

The signatories to this Appeal are scientists, doctors and environmental organizations from every continent who have been working tirelessly for many years to call the worldโ€™s attention to an invisible assault on our biosphere. That assault can be ignored no longer.

5Gโ€”the 5th generation of wireless technologyโ€”must not be built on Earth or in Space. The notion that radio frequency radiation, commonly known as radio waves, is somehow not real radiation and is harmless, was disproven by the 1970s in laboratories all over the world, and the harm to humans, animals and plants has since been confirmed in over 10,000 peer-reviewed studies. If 5G is built, radiation levels will increase 10- to 100-fold, virtually overnight, everywhere. There will literally be no place on Earth to hide from it.

The effects of levels of radio frequency radiation already existing now on the health of the population and the environment, as reflected in quality of life; high rates of cancer, neurological disease, heart disease and diabetes, even in children; plummeting populations of birds, bees and butterflies; and unhealthy forests, can be seen and felt everywhere.

We urge governments and the public to read the Appeal carefully, and to act accordingly.

Arthur Firstenberg,
Appeal Administrator

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
September 17, 2018

Arthur Firstenbergโ€™s CV: www.cellphonetaskforce.org



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