An overdose of spirituality

  • Updated: 7 September 2018
  • Updated: 8 September 2018
  • Updated: 11 September 2018 (video with Mari Boine)



Having observed life in Norway for about eight years now, I carefully dare to conclude, that the lack of true and healthy healthcare is far from excellent here, though Norway is acknowledged as an utterly advanced country concerning healthcare. This must be based on the materialistic side of healthcare: the furnishing of examination-rooms in practices of general practitioners, hospitals, and so on, not on the total care itself: physical care is just one fourth of the total care, and there is not more than on materialism based care. The physical body is matter, substance, and therefore part of the materialistic view on the human body. Healthcare in the Netherlands, and especially spiritual healthcare, mental healthcare, deserves really a higher place than Norway, because it is generally more spiritual, in the meaning of: understanding the human mind in a much wider and deeper perspective, by going beyond the 3D materialistic view on human beings and their health, their mental health, their organic brains, because all parts of healthcare are intertwined with each other. From nearby I have observed mental healthcare in Norway, practised by psychiatrists, the medicine they offer and the absence of interest, results and control. I also notice the low percentage of excellent alternative medicine practices in Norway, in which spiritual, mental and emotional healthcare are automatically present because of the (w)holistic view of alternative medicine practitioners. 

Norway needs more spiritual coaches, therapists, and most of all: psychologists and psychiatrists who understand the human psyche on a deeper level, like for instance the Dutch psychiatrist Bram Bakker does. The following ode to Bram Bakker does not mean that I agree with him all the time. Note: I have never met him personally, did not have any correspondence with him. 

Bram Bakker plays a highly needed controversial role within the scene of colleagues, in the Netherlands and abroad. Mainstream mental healthcare is a constant subject of his fair criticism: the results are indeed far from good. The goal of mainstream healthcare (mental healthcare) is always, or at least too often, to send the patient home with medicine, pharmaceutics. Bram Bakker is convinced that for instance antidepressants are mostly not offering what the pharmaceutical industry wants us to believe. He is convinced that antidepressants are often working as a placebo. What I have observed here during many years underlines his view. Just one Bram Bakker is not enough, especially not in Norway, but he is at least there, however far away in Netherlands, but a kind of bright shining lighthouse at the coast, to bring some light for those who are in the turbulence of the heavy ocean waves of life. He spreads the light of his insights in books, articles, lecturing, in videos and interviews, in the media, with excellent down to earth philosophies and solutions for psychological problems like depressions, and fears. He is a true example for all, for colleagues and patients: dare to be who you are really, dare to be controversial. Dare to say what you have to say. Bring into practice what you know that really works, even if it is different from what all others are convinced of. For instance: he stimulates his patients to start running, an outdoor-sport, and it helps! 

Norwegians love outdoor-sports, love it to be in nature, and if winter (which created winter sports, where Norwegians train for even in summer: Norway is an absolute amazing sportive country) was not so hard as it is, and nature was not so much present as here, Norway would be a country with many more patients in mental healthcare as there are now already. Norwegians blame the climate for their depressed people, but the Saami, living in the far north, living during the half of the year in almost complete darkness and even more harsh winters than else in Norway, have never been depressed. The Saami are a nature people. Norwegians have their suppress-your-bad-feelings regime. Sports and nature are not enough to make the soul feel whole.



Norway has another way to deal with frustrations: shooting. Also a sport here. It is not written somewhere that it is diagnosed as a therapy, but I see the enormous popularity of the hunt and the training for the hunt, as a therapy for frustrated people. It is not the right therapy though. But it helps as a first aid to get rid of the explosive volcano inside. This view fits with the angry child, in the Vigeland park, and the psychology around the shining fist. (More about this at the end of this paragraph.) I live very near to a “skytebane”, which is an enormous area in the forest where people can train in shooting. Even children learn to shoot, at a very young age, and they own a gun, one for themselves. Google on it, copy the following Norwegian words: jakt, norge, skytebane, barn, and paste these words in google-search for images

The incredible noise these shooting exercises create goes beyond any imagination. It is war when they start to train: the echos of the shootings spread around in an explosive volume, because the village is located in a valley, and the mountains around are reason for the acousital effects. The skytebane is open during the whole year, and once a week it is war for at least one hour. 

The association with a real war is even stronger when there is a competition between the many hunt-clubs here: there are everywhere 4-days-competitions in Norway, every year, Norway is a hunting country, all shoot, have a gun, even Erna Solberg, Norway’s prime minister. Also Anders Breivik had guns, was everywhere on the web to be seen with his rifles, like anybody else here who is fond of hunting and the rituals around it. Breivik looked so friendly, so harmless, but behind that wonderful smiling mask a hateful destructive mind was working at a plan to kill and to destroy. How many “Breivik”s are there?  It is therefore time to stop the regime-of-goodness, it does not work, it creates hatred. This hatred needs to be healed, by opening the door of the soul, talk, to dare to be angry towards the ones who made you angry, not via shooting but with very sharp, clear, honest, fair words. Anger is in its essence a very honest energy, but we cannot handle anger, did not learn to work with it in a positive way. Anger can be transformed in a constructive power. If you suppress it it will grow. Not any medicine can stop that growing destruction, that growing self-destruction. Therapy! Psychiatry! But it is extremely silent in Norway. 

Norway needs also at least one Norwegian Bram Bakker, to make a U-turn from being the most expensive materialistic country in the world, to a liveable society. Norway needs also really excellent deeper understanding coaches and therapists, with a broader view on the human being than there are now. Norway needs also people of this calibre in jobs at the national broadcaster NRK, at newspapers and magazines, in and for the Church of Norway

The need to escape from the daily life reality, the darkness within, brought even religious mania like for instance sects. Example: Brunstad Christian Church. Pantheism is also popular. A new form of Pantheism is the Deep Ecology Movement, started by the Norwegian Arne Næss. The Temple of Nature explains more. I do not join any church or movement, but I do really feel involved and engaged with Arne Næss’s Deep Ecology. I seemed to be a Deep Ecologist without knowing that it existed, so, in a way I am also a modern Pantheist.

Religion and tradition are deeply rooted in Norway, with all the taboos and have-to’s, facades, fake feelings and ceremonies, as we knew in Netherlands till a half century ago. See also my article Light on the North (based on the VPRO documentary Licht op het Noorden): In Norway, Stine Jensen examines the downsides of the Norwegian goodness regime (Nina Witoszek). Why is Oslo heroin city number one in Europe? 

Nina Witoszek - The origins of the "Regime of Goodness"

Alternative medicine is not officially acknowledged in Norway: treatments are not included in the Norwegian healthcare system. Norway does not have insurances for healthcare, healthcare is automatically included in jobs and pensions, and directly connected with the Norwegian tax authorities. Alternative medicine is not included and treatments have to be payed out of the own wallet.

There are registered and not registered therapists. Registration is not obliged, but if one wants to be registered one has to follow up rules: Forskrift om frivillig registerordning for utøvere av alternativ behandling (Regulations on voluntary registry for alternative treatment practitioners). 

Organisations which offer info about alternative treatments and therapies:

Separate from what I consider as balanced, complete, all-round alternative treatments, is all what promotes itself with the keyword paranormal (though being paranormal is natural), because there is too much variety between not-okay (fake) and okay (real). All who are paranormal ánd therapist can use this natural talent in any kind of therapy, but this being paranormal does not need to be named or promoted: it is proved by itself, or not. Therefore it is not acceptable for me as a healing method in itself. Magnetizer healers however are real healers and helpful in several health cases. There is not any hocus pocus in magnetism, it is natural: one is born with the gift of magnetising, mesmerism, or not. People who can work with this are very much down to earth, humble, normal, and can bring you down to earth, with other words: they can stop you floating around in fantasies or imaginations, they can stop stress, anxieties and lots of other psychological problems, also restore physical disharmonies. What is named reiki in these days, is something what seems to be the same as what magnetizer healers do, but which is not. There are reiki courses. Only those who are gifted with the gift of healing with magnetism, are magnetizer healers and also reiki healers. Conclusion: a lot of so-called reiki healers are fake. A lot of so-called paranormal healers are not reliable. The term paranormal is so polluted that it is more healthy to keep it on a distance. The website: Norsk Spiritualist Forening is also available in English.

Alternativ“‘s second link is about astrology. Astrology is another vague “alternative”, and in fact not an alternative therapy, but a possible addition to somebody’s search for understanding the self better. Also tarot can help in this, but tarot is not an alternative therapy either, it is a way of analysing the self, and possibly interesting. Do not connect too much value to it, because it should be your interpretation of what you see yourself, not of the one who shows you the cards, or how the cards are explained in a manual. More important is: what does a card mean to you? Like the Rorschach test. The same can be written about explaining dreams. Only you can explain a dream by answering the questions you can ask yourself about the thousands of details and symbols you have seen in your dream.

Only those who are talented, really gifted, who master the discipline of being able to read a person, are able to create a meaningful astrological diagnose out of the information offered by computers, about the stars, planets and moon on the moment of your birth. Any other person can say something interesting, but there can be totally wrong interpretations, so: be alert.

Readings however can be a therapy form, but also next to other therapies. It depends on the reader. I have experienced readings myself, and these were utterly helpful in learning to know myself on a deeper level. The reader who helped me could see facts that had taken place, far back in time, which she could not know. Her readings, the working method of Sophia Healing & Reading of which she is the initiator and director, are based on Linda Keen‘s teachings (based on intuition). The Norwegian “Alternativ” writes also about reading.

Lately I heard the name: quantum healing. Here in Norway. A term coined by Deepak Chopra. Just another word for already a long time (centuries, millenniums) existing therapies, which we categorise as alternative medicine, complementary medicine, holistic medicine and therapies. One must do something to make it interesting and to attract new patients.

Conclusion: The situation in the Norwegian healthcare is poignant when it comes to really insightful physical, mental and spiritual healthcare. Norway experiences an overdose of suicides, depressed people, an overdose of searchers for spirituality who cannot find answers, or search and “find” answers where they are not to be found. Spirituality is (though it might sound controversial) down to earth, and offers only then a solid base to those who are confused and floating. Spiritism does not belong to healthcare and is even dangerous in cases of disbalance and confusion, and therefore a possible cause of health problems, not a solution. The Norwegian website Alternativ however offers already on the top of their home page a link to “Norsk Spiritualist Forening” which does not make their view on alternative medicine, nor the content on their website, reliable. The Norsk Spiritualist Forening is too much a mix of religion, spiritism, and real healthy spirituality. Religions neither religious views belong to healthcare, on the contrary: they are even creating health problems. Spiritism does not help anybody in finding answers. Answers are inside of us, deep inside, not somewhere in the dimension of the death, the spirits. A true healthcare practitioner helps the client/patient to find the answer in himself/herself. 

The most of the Norwegians live far from cities, live therefore also far from real professionals, unless one is lucky. If there is no practitioner in alternative medicine in the surroundings where one lives, somebody who can create real insight in the cause of the problems, then internet is the only alternative answer on the lack of alternative medicine and insightful healthcare in Norway.

However: the amount of information on internet is endless, creates an unhealthy overdose, is a mix of quality and rubbish, which leads to even more confusion in already disturbed minds. There is nothing so confusing than “therapies” which are not connected with earth, real life, grounding. Internet spirituality is one-sided, while true guidance is all round, whole. 

Professionals in alternative medicine, but also in mainstream healthcare, really up to date professionals, are highly needed to coach the searching human being, to learn to live the life one has, to make it liveable, by making insightful changes, to live in truth, honesty, common sense, realism, stopping to be the good one just to be the good one for others, not for themselves, and teaching what is meant really with spirituality by being a down to earth, whole, energetic, charismatic, common sense human being oneself. Being the example. 

Here is my contribution. I do not master the Norwegian language so well that I can write all the info in Norwegian without being misunderstood, so all is in English, my English, with probably mistakes, but language is in the first place a tool to make my thoughts visible. 

So far the introduction.



An overdose of spirituality

“Spirituality” is an infected term. It is on the tip of the tongue of those who do not really know what it is, yet, but it is popular and exciting to use the term, understood or not. One can simply copy and paste what those who are known as being spiritual, have said, or explained, to be somebody without being identified as a starter on the long and not so easy path of spirituality. Typically: those who are spiritual do not use the word spiritual. I write here to clear up some misunderstood words.

Spirituality is for too many a playground, or a circus, to watch acrobats, and magicians doing their tricks. Spirituality however is everywhere but not in the circus of life. Spirituality is an attractive phenomenon, a treasure, and is not so easy to be found.

Spirituality has deep depths, and needs much time, decades, or more (this depends on the circumstances and what one has learned in former incarnations), to go into these deep depths, to learn to live and survive in these deep depths, while living among those  who do not understand these deep depths.

There is a high need for education about the spirituality, about the deeper and deepest layers of the human mind and soul, about what goes beyond materialism and ratio, which imprisoned humanity. There are loads of answers everywhere, but it is unhealthy to want to know all answers on all questions in a too short time: an overdose of info is not helpful, and confuses. Knowledge needs to be digested, and therefore time. Patience. Where to find the right information, the right educators, who can offer knowledge on the right moment, and divided in manageable amounts? Internet is a gigantic library of info, but there is not any educator who offers healthy dosages of all the info, and to make you feel comfortable in the labyrinth of spiritual information.

How do you know, without a guide on google or in life, what exactly is the right information, the right education, to avoid an overdose of uncontrolled spiritual information, to avoid using spirituality as a drug, to escape from the reality of life? Often the right person crosses your life path, but not everybody is so lucky.

Therefore it is time for psychologists and psychiatrists to learn to know more about the human being than the brains where they are focused on. Ever heard of Kundalini, dear scientists? I asked once a psychologist via Twitter if he knew what it is. He did not, and I knew it because of his comments and remarks in his tweets. He had to search in Wikipedia, he answered in a tweet….. (!) But, Wikipedia has only answers that can be shown on a map, in a book, a graphic or photo. When the contributors to Wikipedia do not know by experience what something is, like in this case a spiritual life-energy named Kundalini, how can the answer be offered to a scientist who has not any idea about life processes by own experience either? They throw it in the corner of imagination, fantasy, and yes, those who do not have experience-knowledge love it to agree with those who know by reading only also, not by experience, and if not experienced, it does not exist. While on this moment millions are experiencing the first signs of this awakening energy.

As long science and on science floating (they name it “based”, but there is not any healthy base to be found) societies are not taking experience and awareness in their observations, studies and researches, they are all but science, and blind, creating fake knowledge, one sided knowledge, misunderstanding, lies. A mentally blind person or society, because of not being able to experience the dimension beyond the 3D reality, cannot help human beings who are in a mental crisis, a spiritual crisis, because they are possibly on a higher mental level than the psychiatrist.

The natural evolutionary process of the lotus flower (as a metaphor) takes place in humanity, already as long humanity exists, but in a more and more increasing tempo now, and in large numbers of people. There is a need for healthcare that understands this human life process, to support the human being who is confused because of that, and needs help and guidance during the inner development as a human being while these life processes are developing. This creates also in Norway a crisis, and as in every rational minded country, not anybody speaks about it in the official media, while the amount of people who are confused increases day by day.

In this article I named Bram Bakker. I do not know if he has any knowledge by experience about the kundalini energy, or about spirituality. Most important of his work and activities is that he is sensing another and better direction in how to treat mental illnesses, because he understands the dubious methods of the pharmaceutical industry and the human emotional and mental complexity so much better than his colleagues. Time will learn what will be developed in mental healthcare under his supervision.

It would be helpful if mainstream healthcare practitioners would be informed about signs of an awakening kundalini, to learn to know the symptoms in their patients, to learn about the damage this energy can cause if not well understood and therefore suppressed, or artificially activated; to be able to make the right diagnoses, and to search for, or to be the right coach.

It would be helpful if spiritual teachers, psychologists and psychiatrists would connect, to exchange info. One needs first to be open, also as a caregiver, to dare to admit one does not know what kundalini is and to dare to ask for info among those who know by experience. If the caregiver cannot diagnose kundalini, he will not be able to help in those cases that kundalini is the cause of the problems.

There is an emergency case now: too many are feeling this energy awakening and do not know what it is, search for help and the doctor does not know, sends the patient home with medicine, suppressing the symptoms. This is in my opinion mental murder, at least contributing to it. Emotional, physical and mental terror, by doping up patients with medicine (drugs) that stop natural life processes like kundalini, should be acknowledged as psychological terror, and punished. Also cognitive therapy, as a part of the psychiatric therapy, can create the same effect as drugs: changing the way of thinking of the patient, by subtle indoctrinating, and by doing that changing the personality into a copy of a model that is seen by the psychiatrist as healthy, while it is not.

Signs of an awakening kundalini can confuse you, frighten you, make you feel lonely, not understood. In the time my spiritual journey started, forty years ago, the knowledge of kundalini was hardly to be found, because those who knew about it: the Yoga Masters from the East kept it hidden for the world: the kundalini energy can also be misused. In the meantime the information is everywhere, but the path of spirituality has not become easier despite the overdose of spiritual information and is still full of pitfalls, masks and deceit.

See also:


Important steps to a spiritual life 

Step 1 -If you are really interested in true spirituality then you must become aware of the time you have per day to think deeper about all you went through during the day. Alone. Only you as your own company. Not even your best friend must be somewhere around. Not your family, nobody. Hang a paper on your door with the text: do not disturb. If you do not have at least an hour for yourself, without being disturbed by (internet) activities from others in your life and vice versa, then do not speak about spirituality. You are not able to practise is.

Step 2 – Clean your room. Open a window to let in fresh air. Close it when okay, warm it, and fill the space with relaxing music. Use an essential oil to create a wonderful smell: lavender, ylang ylang, rosemary, there are hundreds of smells available in good health shops or via internet. Keywords: essential oil, aroma therapy.

Step 3 – Empty your head. Every day. It is full of pollution from the outside world, screens you watched, texts you read, words you heard, noise, indoctrination. How? Simply lay down, and breathe with awareness, in and out, slow, calm. You can find lots of guided meditations of the Mindful Movement on YouTube, and on their website.

Step 4 – Times of crisis can be utterly meaningful in the positive way when you do something with it, active, in a very easy way: start to write. Opening a private blog opens the door to communication with yourself: the empty page in front of you is your friend, you, friend of your self. You can write what you want, make mistakes, nobody can see it. It is you who has to read the words that are going to run out of your fingers. A blog is a mirror, you and all of us, need a mirror, a real mirror, not a fake mirror, lots of friends are fake mirrors because they are fake. Your private blog is your new space, where only you have the key for: a password.

Write down what you feel, think, are angry about. You can shout as loud you want and use bad words, if needed, to get rid of your own anger or frustrations. You can delete pages, you can open new pages, change words, change a story, or add more details later,photos, videos, music.

The chaos in the head and soul can be changed into an organised total, the new you, who knows what to say, when visiting a doctor, or a friend, or a psychiatrist. When sitting at the dinner table, together with family. Start with stopping to lie by writing the full truth. Dare to say it at least there, in the blog, it is utterly helpful to find your true self and to grow in strength. Activate the one who has never been seen, not either by yourself, the one who was saying what others liked to hear and who you do not want to lose, to avoid to be alone. You are alone while among them because you cannot be who you really are. How to open a WordPress blog: start

Step 5 – Start walking, running, gardening, any kind of outdoor activity, that helps grounding. Your feet are a very important door to a healthy mind and body, and via that to a healthy spirituality. Ask somebody to massage your feet, search for reflex zone massage, foot massage, create a simple foot bath for yourself. Read more here.


Spirituality and your Life Task

Spirituality can be compared with the journey of climbing a mountain. At the foot of the mountain it is very crowded. Why? It is easy to be there, the most of the people are lazy, it does not take any effort to walk around at the base of the mountain. Those who do not like it there anymore, are going up the mountain, it is an inner call. Evolution creates that call, and it is you who can ignore this call or to follow it. As in mountaineering also the journey in spirituality, to the highest achievable, the divine, cannot be learned by watching videos, by reading books about it, using drugs, real drugs, or an overdose of info, listening to spiritual leaders only, or taking a course or a workshop in climbing. Of course the theory of the climbing is part of the total of learning to understand the technique, the art of climbing. But one is never a mountaineer or a developed spiritual being without bringing the theory into practice. The work, the practice is there, on the spot where you are, to do the things that have to be done, and for what your eyes are going to be opened, because you are going to see it.

There is NO mistake in where you are. Your task in life is there where you are, and you do not need to ask somebody what that task is, because you know it. If not, think, watch longer, deeper, take time to watch, also into yourself, and dare to face where you are the most scared for and try to run for, where you close your eyes and ears for:

To be the truth you are, the way you are, life itself, in the middle of the lies you live in. To dare to confront the liars in your family, circle of friends, with their own untruthful self, by being truthful yourself, always, no matter how lonely you become of it. Loneliness is related with a bad connection with yourself. As soon you connect with who you really are, deep within, you will be one with all around you, with all life forms. To be alone is a must to reconnect with the self again, and again. Day after day. A-ll-one instead of A-l-one.

Film: Samsara. Message: The true spiritual person is the earthly being, who does what he or she has to do what is right, which means that, what is related with the highest ethics, the highest awareness, with Light, and respect, taking responsibility, on the place where he or she is.


Additional information:

The Angry Boy (Vigeland park, Oslo) - Photo: Jean Pierre Dalbéra

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