Suicide prevention

  • Originally published in 2010, in another blog.
  • Updated: September 11, 2018


In this post another view on committing suicide is explained. Generally committing suicide as an act has created during time several different opinions. Each country has its own ideas about it. In the Netherlands it is now in a process that creates aggressive reactions on those who offend committing suicide, with other words: it is defended, suicide, committing suicide is defended, it is a right to step out of life.

I belong to the category that offends, rejects, committing suicide, because it is not offering any change, and is therefore meaningless. As long there is no understanding of “death” one should not talk about committing suicide as a door to heaven, to escape from earthly pain. There is not a door to heaven or to “nothingness” via suicide. Beyond death is indeed “something”, nothingness does not exist. Even for those who reject the idea about life beyond death, the mentioned book and film further in this article, are worth it to be read and watched. The following lines are based on the book and the film.

Life is eternal, and cannot be stopped by death, not any death. Death does not exist, only physical death.
The soul goes on, and will arrive on a place in the spheres according to one’s awareness on the moment that the physical body stops or has been stopped working.

The soul will not be liberated from the reasons one committed suicide for. The psychological, emotional and mental state of the soul will be the same there, as it was when living in a physical body, on earth.

You create even a negative karma for your future life on earth, in another incarnation, where you will have to go through the same struggles, as long life lessons are learned, understood.

An extra problem is that the most of the therapists do not accept life beyond death, not even the existence of a soul. There are books though, especially this one, written by Joseph Rulof. The book can be read here: “The cycle of the soul“. In this book the main character commits suicide. Explained is how a spirit of the other side has influenced the mind of the main character, and have finally made him committing suicide. I am convinced that if one would read this book, one would not dare to commit suicide, even if one does not accept the existence of a hereafter. I am convinced that one would really start searching for help, talking, to solve problems, not running away for it. Suicide throws you back in your evolution, not forward.





Heaven, as it is really, is Light. There are seven Spheres of Light.
When you awaken on the other side, after death, (not after a suicide), you will not be at once in heaven: the Seventh Sphere.
You could not bear the Light.
You would be probably where the first Spiritual Rays of Light create a kind of a dark grey.

The Hereafter has also Spheres of Darkness.
The deepest darkness is completely without any Light.
There are the souls with a total absence of awareness.
They need many millions of earthly years before their eyes will be opened and in that period of time they will evolve also. Also for them there will be Heaven.

Suicide brings you to the Spheres of Darkness, also when you have been a wonderful human being, good for others. 

The 1998 movie “
What dreams may come“, is also about committing suicide. An excellent, very interesting and explainable film, with Robin Williams. It did not help him so much to be in that film though, because he committed suicide in 2014. The idea in that film, about the hereafter, is similar with the content of the books of Joseph Rulof, which are full of information from the other side, and transmitted from there via the high level of mediumship of Joseph Rulof, to earth.

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