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While we are sleeping the most subtle “bodies” relax too, if… the physical body is really relaxed. Otherwise it is impossible. During that relaxed sleep the subtle bodies relax too, upload, and, waking up, we feel restored, energized, good, in a good mood, in a good health, also emotional, mental, and spiritual.

*To have a good night rest it is important to relax before you go to sleep: don’t drink coffee in the evening, don’t drink too much alcohol, don’t watch tv too long, don’t work at your computer too long. If you have problems to let go the day take time for listening to music which relaxes. Without voices, without strong emotions in it. New Age Music helps to relax. More relaxing music in my playlist from youtube channel ”Wintermood

*Avoid (Coca)cola, avoid aerated drinks.

*Lavender (lavendel) as an etheric oil can be used to relax too. You could drip a drop on your pillow, before you go to sleep. You can also add some drops in the bath water, add some drops in a self made skin oil, and you can salve yourself with it after the shower or the bath…

*To make a massage oil: Take two soup spoons olive oil (ordinary kitchen oil is the base of all more or less expensive massage oils which you buy in the shop!), do it in a pan, add some drips lavender oil, stir, and warm it up a bit. Massage it on your body, use all the oil you have, and after that you can take a shower. This is an excellent way to avoid a dry skin. After that you can add the rest of the oil, or not. It will not be really necessary. Your skin will shine! And be grateful…

*In another blog I already wrote about Avena Sativa, Oatstraw. It helps to sleep better. And longer. Deeper.

*A good remedy is also calming tea, you can find it in the supermarket and every good health shop.

*If you had a night mare, and woke up with anxieties, fear, Rescue Remedy from the Dr. Bach flowerremedies helps excellent. Also for children!! Also for people who are going to pass away, and are afraid, the Rescue Remedies are so wonderful calming, relaxing, overcoming fears. Fears are not going to be suppressed, it is the courage that awakens by the remedy. Dreams will help to assimilate the fear. To transform it.

*A daily walk of at least half an hour helps to relax, to keep your physical body healthy, if there no other exercises. And you will sleep better!!

*Take your bike instead of your car to do some shopping for instance. An you support the eco systems of our planet….

Listening to nature sounds can help, or listening to singing bowls, to relaxation music… You can search here.


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