Body language



In life we learn the mother language, the language which we learn from the mother when we are born, and growing up.
On schools we learn foreign languages.
The most difficult language we have to learn by life itself, is the body language. Maybe you had the good parent(s) and they learned you to listen to it.  Or maybe you had/have good parents, or good friends, a good partner, but you refuse(d) to listen to them, to their warnings.

Your natural self will get in disbalance, and finally, if you keep going on refusing to listen to the warnings the body gives you, you will get sick, ill.
Sicknesses, illnesses, diseases, are masters of Nature itself, to bring you into the awareness of that what is disbalance, to urge you to search for Balance again.

Sometimes the disbalance has created so much damage that one cannot or hardly can recover from it. Accepting that is hard and difficult.

One can have a valuable and respectful life though, if you find peace of mind, inner harmony, despite of the illness, not by giving it up, but by doing that what is still possible.


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