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Multerland is my educational blog about the hidden dangers of wireless, cell phone radiation and 5G, care for the earth, nature, natural health, spirituality, psychology, deep ecology, and wholism.

The name Multerland
blogmulterland__1The name Multerland is a combination of the words Multer and land. Multer  plural of the word Multe are the Norwegian Cloudberries. They grow high in the mountains, also close to the village where I live, on small plants with beautiful leaves, lovely white flowers, and very healthy yellow-orange-red berries, there to nourish humans and animals, and able to survive the very severe winters high up in the mountains, to survive in difficult circumstances during the seasons. Multer are for me a symbol of (inner) strength and health.


During the last years I have posted articles about noise pollution, created by an E-CO hydropower station, located on a distance of about 500 meters from my apartment, and the effects of it on my health. Writing about this, in my blog, and in letters to E-CO and the Norwegian health authorities, has created a change in the circumstances: the noise has been reduced by E-CO.



▪️My EHS history – From 2017, I started to write about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation, and electro hyper sensitivity. I became electro sensitive already in 2003 but I did not know that, in the Netherlands, when I moved there to Uden, where I was going to live very near to a 4G cell tower, not knowing anything about the possible consequences, not anything about the radiation of cell towers other than “excellent!” because you get an optimal cellular signal strength: antenna-with-bars_ . The EHS symptoms I got from that time, have not been recognized earlier than from November 2017, yes, EHS is a syndrome with phases, as if a layer of protection slowly disappears from your body’s own, natural magnetic field after the newest smart meter was mounted to the wall of my apartment, while I did not know about any new smartmeter, so I did not get self created and therefore fake symptoms. I was shocked, because: I did not believe that I could get that what some other people, where I heard stories from and/or about, were experiencing, and who I could not understand. The radiation of the newest smart meter is the most intense attack of wireless radiation that I have experienced, so heavy that there was not any question or doubt left that I was and am indeed EHS.

▪️4G cell tower on 70 meters distance – I live here in Norway 70 meters from a 4G cell tower. Posts with many details about it can be found in “archives”. In November 2017 the puzzle was solved, when I discovered the impact of the smart meter on my physical condition. The new smart meters contain a very strong Wi-Fi that connects with all other smart meters around, and create an immensely strong electromagnetic field of radiation, constantly checking if devices inside the house that are electrical, are on or off. In Norway electricity is constantly streaming in each house, because the houses are heated with electricity. All symptoms where I suffered from appear(ed) to be related with electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation. To learn what EHS symptoms are, please read: Arthur Firstenberg, Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity – History.  The consequences are that I live now in 1 room: this is the only almost “green” room in my apartment. “Green” means: radiation “safe” (not free), at least according to the EU guidelines. Unfortunately the EU safety standards/guidelines are NOT safe: the EU guidelines are fraudulent.

▪️How to detect and/or measure electromagnetic radiation It is possible to detect and measure electromagnetic radiation with a calibrated device I use the EMFields Acousticom 2 and here you can watch a short videobut also a professional with professional equipment has measured my apartment, in July 2018, and I could see the strength of the radiation on the impressive device with actual graphics and numbers, also what kind of radiation was the most heavy [smart meter has been disabled because of medical indications of somebody else in the apartment-building, and because of that Wi-Fi is turned OFF, there is a telephone landline in the house and all computers are wired]: the 4G cell tower is the main cause of a constant too high radiation in the entire building where I live.

▪️EU Guidelines are fraudulent – DSA Norge umbrella organization for all kinds of radiation, Telenor, Helsedirektoratet and the Ministry of Health, are rejecting their responsibilities, and write that “they work according to the EU guidelines”. That is a pertinent lie, because the cell tower sends a much higher radiation than is allowed according to the EU guidelines, while EU’s guidelines are that has been proved by not-industrial scientists, e.g. Dr. Martin L. Pall not safe, they are fraudulent. Conclusion: the fraud committed by DSA and Telenor is even of a more heavy calibre.

▪️In a new book about 5G –  My activities in the battle against EMF: my correspondence with EU, and Dr. Martin L. Pall, are included in Norwegian scientist Einar Flydal‘s book: “5G, og vår trådløse virkelighet – høyt spill med helse og miljø“, or read my blog article: 5G and our wireless reality – a dangerous game with health and environment

▪️Consequences of being EHS –  I cannot travel any more. Netherlands, but also Oslo, and even “my” beloved fantastic Bergenline trains, because of the presence of Wi-Fi and an increasing number of internet-active people, have become an impossible place to be: I become totally exhausted, fatigued, and this exhaustion is different from being exhausted after a long day of working: it feels as if one is a dead battery. The own human body’s natural electricity is totally faded out, because of the impact of unnatural electromagnetic fields. Read and watch: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation, based on the book: “The Invisible Rainbow, a History of Electricity and Life“, written by Arthur Firstenberg. I cannot visit my children and grandchildren any more. The last time I travelled was to the Netherlands in the beginning of January 2018, a short journey of just four days, staying in Valk hotel Haarlem, where Wi-Fi could be turned off in the last part of the corridor on the first floor, next to the radiation-free apartment of the manager of the hotel, who’s family is also suffering from EHS. This was/is possible to be arranged without any guarantee though: in case there would be a problem on airport Schiphol, near to Haarlem, and passengers could not travel and had to search for a hotel, then the Wi-Fi had to be turned on.

▪️Struggling with my health in Norway I have struggled enormously with my health since I live in Norway, and have also written about that in this blog. On the moment I am in a good shape, but I keep myself strictly to a life style, that supports my health: using and doing that what keeps my health up to date, and avoiding all that what breaks it down. This means also that I chose not to travel any more and that I live in one room. Health is an extremely precious phenomenon. We all have the duty to care for it, and take responsibilities. Also the responsibility to be a beacon, to dare to state what I experience, what I sense, and understanding deeply that EMF radiation is unhealthy, and has to be stopped in the way it is used nowadays.

▪️Knowledge is Power   I am grateful for all those who were and are shining their light in the darkness of my existence, by offering me insight, knowledge, about EMF and why it creates EHS, what EHS is: Hugo Schooneveld in the Netherlands, Einar Flydal in Norway, Dr. Martin L. Pall in the USA, Prof. Oleg Grigoriev in Russia, but the most important beacon and solid rock in the difficult reality of the present is the superb educational and supportive role of Arthur Firstenberg, who was/is able to explain utterly difficult science about EHS, electricity, electrosmog, radiation, RF, global electrical circuit, ionosphere, magnetosphere, body electric, phased arrays, direct current, alternating current, earth magnetism, etc. etc. and all the difficult medical terms of physical and neurological processes in the human body that start to occur when influenced by man-made electromagnetic radiation, to amateurs in these academic fields, like me. It is really fantastic to learn how things work, to learn to understand how fragile our human body systems are and why—; how utterly sensitive all natural life-beings and entities like Earth and Space are; how all these are related with each other. By the way: I am not the only one with EHS problems: there are —and that number is dramatically quick increasing— about 100.000.000 Wi-Fi refugees in the world. Follow here the information about the phenomenon Wi-Fi refugees in the video about The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation, part 4. The powerlessness of unawareness changes into the Power of Knowledge, and Awareness, creates the courage to speak and write about the Truth of EMFs (while the whole world is opposing the Truth about the health hazards of wireless, of EMFs).

▪️Mobile Junks and their Pro5G activismThe most of the humans are oblivious ―meaning: unaware―about wireless devices, and among them are babies, toddlers, preschoolers, teenagers, mothers, fathers, elderly people, police officers, judges, lawyers, bankers, politicians, kings, queens, princes, princesses, journalists, scientists, health care practitioners, professors, industrials, people in all layers of the society and in all intelligence levels, all who use a smartphone, or who are stimulated to use a smartphone, like babies and toddlers, preschoolers, by their parents. These devices are invented to make them oblivious ―in the meaning of: zapped away from the (mostly hard / harsh / unpleasant) reality; example: Erna Solberg was playing Pokémon while in parliament, but there are similar examples of mobile use in all parliaments, meetings, universities, hospitals, schools, even while driving the car, biking, during paid responsible work / how much does this cost the society?!―. The mental state of being oblivious is addictive. As all people with an addiction, also mobile addicts find excuses to justify their behaviour, their addiction, by naming their mobile activities “helpful”, “necessary” for their work, study, travel, or “social” life. There are computers and laptops to work with, at a desk, for work, travel, study, and social life. As all addicts they deny their addiction and have become masters in twisting the truth. They find —or repeat like a parrot without knowing WHAT they are repeating or finding— so-called scientific but in fact outdated and therefore fraudulent research results that keep the telecom industry alive. They ridicule and trivialize the real facts, which are available in thousands on biological effects based scientific reports, and blame all, who try to stop them, who try to awaken them, for being scaremongering 5G conspiracy theorists. Those among them who cannot argue in such a trivial way, yet, like babies, toddlers and preschoolers, start to scream in an aggressive, terrifying way if one takes away their “toy”.
Fact is that 5G is based solely on theories, on fictive science, based on never ever before researched and used-in-practice technologies, pre-tested now in cities, using the cities as laboratories and the citizens as guinea pigs. Dr. Martin Pall: “5G is totally insane“. 5G is proved to be an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.

▪️5G is the absolute undeniable conspiracy set-up of industrial scientists together with all who are addicted to their smartphone (and all humans with a smartphone ARE addicted to it) and therefore not capable to be critical and sharp in thinking, including politicians, world leaders, journalists, professors, medical doctors, psychiatrists, queens, kings, emperors, etc. etc. and therefore of course blaming the Stop 5G movements and activism to be based on conspiracy theories. Denial belongs to each addiction. Therefore the addicted naive ones, the mobile junks, believe of course their drug dealers: the multi trillion dollars telecom industry. I have written the following article about conspiracy theories, because, unfortunately, this exists indeed in the Stop5G activism. This undermines the Stop5G science.

▪️Statement to the Norwegian and European Authorities I write openly about facts so that Norwegian officials can check my passport data, in case they read about my travel-stop and do not believe me. Also Helsedirektoratet can check my visits to the general practitioner here in Norway, and what have been the issues. I here offer them the right to lay open my complete medical history, for public inspection, also what is in the Dutch medical archives. I invite them to contact me and ask me questions, in order to find out if I am sane or insane.

Unfortunately I cannot offer anything that could explain my emotional pain, to make not-believers feel deep inside what it means not to be able to visit my children and grandchildren. To be complete: of course I could deny my health problems, and travel anyway. But, what kind of an educator am I, as a mother and grandmother, if I deny my own health problems, and sacrifice my health while I have to teach them that health is the most important “gadget” to have and to maintain? My credibility as a sane educator would be zero if I would start to behave as a slave, and to obey to officials, to talk like a parrot and copy their lies and paste them in the ears of others? I refuse that. I refuse to be dishonest, to be a liar, a cheater. I speak Truth.

Not to be taken serious, and even neglected and discriminated by the Norwegian DSA, Helsedirektoratet, and via them by the general practitioners, is the worst of all experiences until today: I was sent home by my general practitioner, in November 2017, with the message that all where I suffer from is between my ears, imagination. In Norway it is forbidden to refuse the installation of a smart meter. Doctors were then, in 2017, forced by Helsedirektoratet to ignore their Hippocratic Oath, with other words: to commit perjury, and to tell the story my GP told me. This GP is not in office any more: he suffers from brain cancer. I checked once, later, after I got arrhythmias in the waiting room of the Lege Kontor, the radiation with my EMFields: it is far too high there. People work even with Blue Tooth. It is not proved that my GP got brain cancer because of the high radiation in the Lege Kontor, but it is necessary that at least these buildings are radiation free. I wonder how high the EMF radiation is in hospitals……

Fortunately Einar Flydal has been successful in crowdfunding for a court case in Norway about AMS smart meter health problems. Hopefully justice will beat injustice, and wake up all Norwegian officials, also because of this: Vil de planlagte 50 000 5G-satellittene skape et stille Armageddon? Eller er frykten ubegrunnet? Answer on the first question: Yes. Second question: No. Professor Oleg Grigoriev names it Hiroshima. Also Dr. Pall is clear about that: “End of Humanity in Five to Seven Years”.

▪️My Stop 5G Activism From January 2019 I contribute to Arthur Firstenberg‘s  International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, via posts and pages in this blog, and educational videos about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation, 5G, in my YouTube channel Multerland. I am daily active on Twitter, to post tweets about the mentioned subjects, to react in comments, or to retweet posts from others.

▪️Alarm: That my heart is an excellent Wi-Fi detector has been proved several times, on moments that I could NOT know Wi-Fi was ON, or turned ON without informing me, after I had turned it OFF, but after checking I knew that my heart reacted right: Wi-Fi creates arrhythmias in my heart. How that feels? That feels like getting constantly bad, literally shocking news, and emotionally reacting on that, in a physical way, in the heart. Utterly unpleasant. Scaring. While there is nothing to be anxious about, so WHAT is it that creates that!? The latest proof is from end November 2019: my cabled laptop, cabled mouse, and the by me disabled Wi-Fi in the router created heart arrhythmias anyway, which should be impossible, but the signs, the physical symptoms “told” me that there was an active Wi-Fi. I checked everything, nothing was found, till I got the idea to check my laptop settings: Wi-Fi was turned ON, while I had turned Wi-Fi settings OFF. How was this possible?! Then I remembered that there had been an update from Windows, and while Windows did/does not inform me —Windows does not inform anybody, by the way about systematically activating Wi-Fi on the computer when updating, my heart sensed it, and reacted.

Be aware that the Wi-Fi sensor in your computer, when ON, searches constantly for connections from everywhere, and connects with all of them. The more Wi-Fi using neighbours, the more EMF radiation, the stronger the computer’s electromagnetic field and radiation intensifies, also when you disabled Wi-Fi, and all works via cables, while Windows re-activated your Wi-Fi settings! Attention: also mobile phones have a Wi-Fi sensor. Also Blue-Tooth is Wi-Fi! Only when deleting internet and all the apps from the mobile, and disable Wi-Fi, you are out of the danger zone, but the electromagnetic radiation that is still there, though weaker, is not healthy either. Also mobiles without internet create brain cancer. Dr. George Carlo’s story can be found in the info of this playlist. All my playlists with info about 5G and the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation are to be found here.

EHS is real, and the symptoms are real facts! Do you want to turn off Wi-Fi in your computer permanently? Check this article. The best is to check the computer settings after every new Windows update!


Living here, in the almighty kingdom of Norway’s nature, very near to the place where Arne Næss had his Tvergastein hytte in national park Hallingskarvet, I become more and more aware of my worries about the vulnerable ecological reality of the Norwegian wilderness and natural landscapes around me, of what is the area of Multerland, and Norway in its total. I notice ignorance in Norwegians, to take care for their natural kingdom, as if it is eternally there, always, without their care, without their efforts. I notice lack of interest in Norwegians in what is going on in the rest of the world. We are world citizens who need each other in these times of growing and deepening global crises, who have to connect and to share responsibilities, whereto also Norway has to contribute. NRK, Norway’s TV broadcaster, hardly shows any news from abroad. Because of all I mentioned it is not strange that there are Norwegians who do not know that their Arctic is melting and why they should contribute to stop the climate change. Norway’s green party De Grønne is NOT presented in the Norwegian government: green politics are not popular in Norway.  Repeat the last sentence. As long till you understand the impact and the consequences of this on Norway’s nature.


My knowledge and expertise is built up by a mix of studies (Education, Naturopathy), private studies like Jung’s psychology, Steiner’s anthroposophy, ecology, deep ecology, esoteric eastern philosophy, the spiritual writings of Etty Hillesum, inquiry-based learning via experiences in various jobs, tasks, hobbies and life itself.

I am born in the Netherlands in 1948 and visited Norway in 2010. I had the possibility to stay, and took my time to find out if it would be good to emigrate to Norway. That happened a year later.
Since the time that I am injured by wireless radiation, and living very isolated because of my EHS, with no possibilities to travel any more, fully aware of the planetary emergency we live in, I am no longer able to write in the way that people like the best: very cautious, in order to avoid that somebody can be hurt: writing like walking on eggshells. My EHS has created the courage to speak, to write without any hesitation about facts that I have experienced myself with a full awareness and consciousness, what I studied thoroughly, and made me think, deep, and long, what I researched, on reliable and not reliable websites, by checking, and by creating finally an over-all picture of all the related subjects, like seeing the labyrinth from above, from a higher position.

Writing truth is shocking, especially in our world of today, in which lies are written as true facts, embraced and shared as right, without checking sources or names. Mostly sources or data are not mentioned. Names on official websites and in newspapers, in the media, are not checked, or not even there. I checked e.g. WHO, EU, SCHEER, and ICNIRP. The shocking results are in this blog.

The shocking effect of the writing of truth on for instance Twitter is often misinterpreted: people interpret it as aggressive, unfriendly, impolite, even related with extreme right winged politics. First: I am not interested in politics, because politics are under the control of the industry and serve the industry. The industry is systematically based on economic fascism. Democracy is a wonderful term for an Utopia that does not exist. Socrates knew that. Socrates was not a pleaser either. Second: I am not interested in fake likes, fake friends, fake followers. Third: I am not willing to pamper anybody. I have learned in my 71 years old life that pampering does not work. It is a waste of time. Let the toddlers grow up.

If I am shocking somebody by being direct, straight, hard-hitting, by naming truth, by  naming just that what one sees exactly with wide opened eyes, does not mean that I am aggressive, but that truth itself is experienced as aggressive by the reader: the person is waking up from an illusion, which I did not create, but the person him or herself. Awakening hurts. Letting go of illusions hurts. I am convinced though that the only way to stop the planetary emergency is shocking people over and over again, with truth. If I am not allowed to do it, then dream on, but one day the reality as the fulfilled Truth will wake you up. Then there is NO return. I offer with my writing a possibility to avoid this very nearby fact that never will be written in the human history, because there will be nobody to write it, if humanity is not going to make a U-turn. The planetary emergency does not offer me any other choice than to chose the right vocabulary. Therefore I will not hesitate to smash the sleeping ones in the face with the exact, hard-hitting but right chosen words, to achieve my goal, which is an ultimate noble goal: the recovery of Earth.


Antoinette Janssen